Bib Lit Part 4: Abraham and Isaac

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  1. What are the 6 eras of the OT?
    • th beginning
    • the patriarchal era
    • the Mosaic era
    • the era of the judges
    • the era of the judges
    • the post-exilic era
  2. important covenants in the OT?
    • the abrahamic covenant
    • the mosaic covenant
    • davidic covenant
    • new covenant
  3. What 3 elements were part of the Abrahamic covenant?
    • land
    • nation
    • blessing
  4. What 3 things did Abraham give up for the covenant?
    • his land
    • his kinship group
    • his inheritance
  5. what was an advance to the covenant?
    building altars
  6. what were some obstacles to the Abrahamic covenant?
    • move to Egypt
    • Lot's issue
    • Hagar and Ishmael
  7. theophany
    the appearance of God is bodily form
  8. how long did it take to receive the full covenant promise?
    25 years
  9. What news did the three man theophany bring?
    • Sarah's pregnancy
    • destruction of Sodom and Gomarrah
  10. why was human sacrifice not a foreign concept to Abraham?
    because nations in his region preformed human sacrifices
  11. What was the climax of Abraham's faith?
    willingness to sacrifice his son
  12. What was the servant's prayer request?
    that the right wife for isaac would offer water to him and his camels
  13. How does Rebekah's faith resemble Abraham's?
    • she leaves her family
    • she goes to a foreign country
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