Am Lit Vocab 1-4

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  1. acquiesce
    submit, agree
  2. complacent
    satisfied, content
  3. emaciated
    wasted, thin, shriveled
  4. fastidious
    difficult to please, picky
  5. gregarious
    outgoing, social, hospitable
  6. implicit
    understood but not stated
  7. meticulous
    precise, thorough
  8. precarious
    dangerous, risky, unsafe
  9. taciturn
    silent, quiet
  10. maleficent
    doing evil or doing harm
  11. torpid
    sluggish, lazy, dull
  12. superfluous
    excessive, over abundance
  13. peripheral
    outer edge, outside
  14. innate
    natural, inborn, inherited
  15. innocuous
    harmless, innocent
  16. divergent
    different, separate
  17. ambivalence
    conflicting attitudes, 2 feelings about 1 thing
  18. ameliorate
    to improve, reform, upgrade
  19. facilitate
    make easy, help
  20. pessismis
    belief that life is bad, negative attitude i.e. Debbie downer
  21. reverent
    respectful, to be admired
  22. exonerate
    acquit, clear, throw out
  23. dissent
    disagree, object, protest
  24. cajole
    to coax, persuade with flattery
  25. converge
    to come together, to meet
  26. bening
    kind, good, favorable
  27. apathy
    lack of caring, indifference
  28. inane
    silly, senseless, foolish
  29. deterrent
    something that discourages
  30. mundane
    worldly not spiritual
  31. Ambiguous
    uncertain, unclear, vague
  32. Blashpemy
    cursing, profanity
  33. debilitate
    to weaken, disable
  34. embelish
    adorn, add to, decorate
  35. lethargic
    dull, drowsy, lazy
  36. nullify
    make invalid, call back, abolish, delete
  37. ominous
    threatening, menacing
  38. proliferation
    rapid growth, spread, multiply
  39. reprimand
    scold, lecture, admonish
  40. vociferous
    noisy, loud
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