Chapter 2

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  1. Organic
    carbon containing molecules
  2. electrolyte
    substance that ionizes in water
  3. electrovalent bond
    chemical bond formed btwn 2 ions as aresult of electron transfer
  4. ionic bond
    formed by the transfer of electrons from one atom to another
  5. alkolosis
    increase in the alkalinity(base) of body fluids
  6. Dialysis
    seperation of smaller molecules from larger ones in liquid.
  7. acidosis
    increase in the acidity of body fluids
  8. ion
    atom or molecule with an electric charge
  9. carbohydrate
    an organic compound that contains carbon ,hydrogen, oxygen, with a 2:1 ratio of hydrogen to oxygen
  10. element
    a basic chemical substance
  11. phospholipid
    lipid with 2 fatty acids, phosphate, combined with a glycerol
  12. biochemistry
    stdy of the chemistry of living organs
  13. conformation
    3 dimensional form of a protien,
  14. polysacharride
    a carbohydrate composed of many monosaccharides
  15. protien
    made of amino acids
  16. proton
    positivly charged particle in an atoms nuclues
  17. radioactive
    an atom that realeases energy at a constant rate
  18. glycerol
    organic compound that is the building block for fat molecules
  19. salt
    a compound produced by the reaction of an acid and a base
  20. polynuceitide
    compound formed by the combo of many nucleotides; a nucleic acid
  21. starch
    a polysaccharide common in food of plant origin
  22. inorganic
    chemical substances that lack carbon and hydrogen
  23. exchange reaction
    a chemical reaction in which parts of two different kinds of molecules change positions
  24. steroid
    a type of organic molecule
  25. OH-
    hydroxl ion
  26. matter
    anything that has weight and takes up space
  27. sucrose
    a disaccharide; table sugar
  28. lipid
    a fat, oil
  29. decomposition
    the breakdown of molecules into simpler compounds
  30. electron
    a small negeative charged particle that rotates around the center of an atom's nucleus
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