Gov. People 3

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  1. Jeff Flake
    Arizona house republican; leading republican primary polls for 2012 senate seat
  2. Chris Christie
    Republican governer of New Jersey; republican presidential primary savior(?)
  3. Beverly Perdue
    Governer of North Carolina; suggested suspending 2012 congressional elections so that Congress could 'actually get something done'
  4. John Carnyn
    Texas senate republican; chair of national republican senatorial committee
  5. Patty Murray
    Washington senate democrat; chair of democratic senatorial campaign committee
  6. Gabrielle Giffords
    Arizona house democrat; will likely pass on 2012 senate race
  7. Arne Duncan
    Secretary of education; announced $185 million program linking teacher colleges to standardized test scores
  8. Randi Weingarten
    President of the American Federation of teachers; unhappy with federal government push towards increasing standardized test scores
  9. Kelly Williams-Balar
    Mother of 2, been convicted of felony education theft
  10. Bobby Jendal
    Governor of Lousianna; first indian american US governor
  11. Marco Rubio
    Florida senate republican; possible 2012 VP choice
  12. Jon Tester
    Montana senate democrat facing an uphill 2012 re-election
  13. Max Baucus
    Montana democrat senate; chairman of senate finance committee
  14. Mike Machaud
    Maine house democrat; chairman of the house trade working group
  15. Tom Corbett
    Republican governor of Pennsylvania; proposes a fee for natural gas drilling rights in the state
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