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  1. Cycle Power
    Turn off the CPU the back on.
  2. Bit-Mapped
    Display information stored in (the bits of) the CPU's memory.
  3. Pixels
    Picture Elements, the monitors screen is divided into a grid of small units.
  4. RAM
    Random access memory
  5. ROM
    Read only memory.
  6. Megabyte
    Million bytes
  7. Gigabyte
    Billion Bytes
  8. Terrabyte
    Trillion Bytes
  9. Integrated Circuit
  10. Factor of Improvement
    Dividing the new rate by the old rate.
  11. GUI
    Graphical User Interface
  12. Broadcast Communication
    Single sender and many receivers.
  13. Synchronous Communication
    Requires both the sender and receiver are active at the same time.
  14. Asynchronous Communication
    The sending and receiving occur at different times.
  15. Mulitcast
    Many receivers.
  16. Point-to-Point Communication
    Single sender single receiver.
  17. DNS
    Domain Name System, translates the heirarchical, human-readable names into the four number IP addresses.
  18. TLDs
    Top-level domain (e.g. .com, .edu, etc.)
  19. TCP/IP
    Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  20. WAN
    Wide Area Networks
  21. LAN
    Local Area Networks
  22. URL
    Universal Resource Locator
  23. HTTP
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  24. Memory Engineer
    The process of fashioning inchoate (undeveloped, beginning) digital past information into useful memories
  25. Photogrammetry
    Method of 3D modeling that stitches 2D photos to create a digital model
  26. Google+
    Site designed to direct messages to specific groups of people “circles” (Google's equivalent to Facebook)
  27. Jain and Sundin
    The scare tactic article, fake CPU viruses “creators”
  28. Byte
    8 bits (0 or 1) of memory
  29. Algorithm
    A precise and systematic method for solving a problem
  30. ENIAC
    Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer and Computer (1943-1945), first programmers were women
  31. SCSI
    Small Computer System Interface
  32. Cut
    Control X
  33. Paste
    Control V
  34. Undo
    Control Z
  35. Instance
    One of whatever kind of information the application processes
  36. IPv4
    4 numbers long, 200 different connections
  37. IPv6
    16 numbers long, 200 million connections
  38. DHCP
    Dynamic Host Computer Protocol, assigns IP address to computer
  39. DNS
    Domain Name System, translates the domain name into an IP address
  40. Ping (Trace Root)
    Computer network tool to test if a particular host is reachable on IP network
  41. Root Name Server
    Keeps master list of all name-to-address relations
  42. Server
    Can handle many requests/clients at once
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