OB Test 1 - chp 6 def

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  1. job design
    the way elements in a job are organized can act to increase or decrease effort
  2. job characteristic model (5 core job dimensions)
    • 1-skill variety
    • 2-task identity
    • 3-task significance
    • 4-autonomy
    • 5-feedback
  3. job rotation
    periodic shifting of an employee from one task to another
  4. job enlargement
    expanding jobs horizontally (increasing variety of tasks results on jobs with more diversity)
  5. job enrichment
    • vertical expansion of jobs (increases the degree to which the worker controls planning, execution, evaluation)
    • increases employees freedom and independence as well as responsibility so they can asses and correct their own performance
  6. flextime
    • flexible work time
    • allows employees some discression over when they arrive at work and when they leave
  7. job sharing
    allows two or more individuals to share one traditional job
  8. telecommuting
    refers to employees who do their work at home at least 2 days a week on a computer that is linked to their office
  9. employee involvement
    a participative process that uses input of employees to increase their commitment to an organizations success
  10. participative management
    • joint decision making
    • subordinates share a significant degree of decision making power with their immediate superiors
  11. representative participation
    workers are represented by a small group of employees who actually participate
  12. variable pay programs
    bases a portion of an employees pay on some individual or organizational measure of performance
  13. 7 types of variable pay programs
    • piece rate pay - paid for a fixed sum for each unit of production completed
    • merit-based pay-based on performace appraisal ratings
    • bonues-reward employees for recent performace
    • skill based pay-pays on the basis of how many skills employees have.
    • profit sharing plan-organization wide programs that distribute pay based on companies profitability
    • gainsharing-formula based group incentive plan, improvements in productivity determine amount allocated
    • employee stock ownership-emloyees aquire stock as part of their benefits
  14. flexible benefits
    allow each employee to put together a benefits package individuallly tailored to his or her own needs or situation
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