ISC Chapter 21

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  1. Pasteur successfully demonstrated to his peers that life forms do not spontaneously arise from non living matter and yet modern science must still show
    B. how life must have originally arose from non living organic matter
  2. These organisms rely on other organisms for carbon and energy
    A. heterotrophs
  3. Whether used in a biological context or not, the word evolution requires
    D. A and C
  4. The theories of natural selection and evolution are intimately related but distinct because the former occurs in individual organisms, while the latter occurs in
    B. populations
  5. The percentage of atmospheric nitrogen has, over Earth's history
    C. steadily risen
  6. An owner of a female cat has its claws removed. Future owners of that cat's kittens who desire claw-less kittens
    B. would have to remove the claws from all the kittens
  7. Beginning with Darwin, studies of finches heave led biologists to realize that ________ represents one environmental selecting agent of natural selection
    D. A and C
  8. Where can we find evidence not only for evolution but how plate tectonics can be viewed as influencing the evolution of life?
    D. A and B
  9. The mating of a male mule and a female horse will produce:
    B. no offspring
  10. New scientific evidence which suggests modern evolutionary biology will meet a fate similar to that of Lamarckian evolution:
    C. does not exist
  11. An Earth-like planet forms around a star with a chemistry much like the early Earth but with a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere. The chances that life will arise
    C. are not good because oxidation will tend to disrupt organic chemical processes
  12. Chemoautotrophs are not found among
    C. Eucarya
  13. Objects in outer space may influence the evolution of life on Earth through
    A. the production of cosmic rays
  14. In a certain environment containing light-colored tree trunks, light-colored moths found protection from detection from certain predators. If the tree trunks turn dark from human air pollution
    D. A and/or B
  15. Upon repeated exposure to ultraviolet light, a certain individual animal experiences cell mutation that causes skin cancer but the offspring of the affected individual do not have cancer. The result happened because
    B. only mutations in sperm or egg cells can be passed on
  16. The concept of spontaneous generation held that lifecould be generated from
    C. nonliving matter
  17. Controlled experiments performed by ________, provided evidence that spontaneous generation was not a valid hypothesis
    D. A and C
  18. The presence of complex organic molecules is not limited to Earth. Organic molecules have also been detected
    B. on Mars
  19. The autotroph hypothesis has gained support from recent discoveries
    A. in the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park
  20. Fossil evidence indicates Earth's early organisms arose
    A. in a reducing atmosphere
  21. Following recent genetic research, modern biology recognizes three main kinds of living things termed
    C. domains
  22. The endosymbiotic theory attempts to explain
    A. eukaryotic cells
  23. Darwin and Wallace first proposed the theory of natural selection in this century
    C. 19th
  24. The selective passage of genes from one generation to the next through sexual reproduction constitutes this mechanism
    A. evolution
  25. Genetic diversity required for natural selection occurs through
    D. B and C
  26. When an insecticide introduced into the environment of a particular species proves ineffective over time, the process of ________ has been demonstrated
    C. differential survival
  27. All of the genes in all the individuals in a population constitutes what Hardy and Weinberg described as a
    C. gene pool
  28. Facts that support evolutionary theory can be found in
    D. all of these
  29. A population of organisms whose members have the potential to interbreed naturally to produce fertile offspring but not interbreed with other groups is commonly defined as a
    A. species
  30. The concept that different species can be determined by their inability to interbreed is called the
    D. biological species concept
  31. The process of generating new species
    B. speciation
  32. Lamarck's theory of evolutionary changed involved the passing of ________ to offspring
    B. acquired characteristics
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