art history

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  1. Image Upload 1
    • 1305 giotto lamentation
    • human suffering direct emotional appeal
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    • 1434 Jan van Eyck double portrait of Arnolfini and wife renaissance northern europe
    • rise of wealthy merchants created new middle class
    • realistic
    • crystal prayer beads imply piety
    • mirror all seeing eye of god
    • st margaret protector of pregnant woman on bedpost
    • dogs serves as fidelity
  3. Image Upload 3
    • 1425-1428 merode alterpiece robert campin
    • workshop of the master of flamelle flemish (northern europe)
    • religous scene w/ patrons included on right very popular
    • complex and consistent treatment of light
    • small objects have religous meaning
  4. Image Upload 4
    • 1424-1427 massacio holy trinity
    • play on eye level looking up at god
    • demonstrates knowledge of brunelleschi perspective experiments
    • father-god
    • son- jesus
    • holy ghost- dove
    • below is skeleton grim reminder of human frail life
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    • 1495 leonardo da vinci last supper italian 16 century art
    • symbolic evocation of jesus coming sacrifice for the salvation of humans
    • convergence of perspective lines
    • pyramidal forms
    • epitomize high renaissance style
  6. chiaroscuro
    • from italian word meaning chiaro -light and oscuro - dark
    • enhances modeling as 3 dimensional forms
    • 16th century renaissance
  7. Image Upload 6
    • 1501 michelangelo david 16 century italy
    • muscular nudity embodies antique ideals
    • power of expression and concentrated gaze on impossible battle were new
    • story was perfect emblem for florentines who had recently fought enormous battles against other cities
  8. Image Upload 7
    • michelangelo 1475-1481 sistine chapel ceiling
    • ignudi- heroic young nude men
    • numerous scenes from the bible all across church
    • up top creation of adam heroic body outstretched arm
    • illusionistic marble arch creates a framework for the figures and narrative scenes on the vault of the chapelImage Upload 8
  9. Image Upload 9
    • michelangelo last judgement 1536 sistine chapel
    • counter-reformation
    • trying to bring people back to the church by scaring them into what awaits propaganda
    • abandons old medieval ideals not organized but writhing and contorted
  10. counter-reformation
    • response to the protestant reformation
    • pope paul III initiated disciplinary reforms to bring people back to lavish organized religion
    • rise of the society of jesus (jesuits)
    • church paintings and sculptures had to depict the events and people accurately and clearly
    • church took authoritarian position
    • helped acheive emotional state of religous ecstasy
  11. Image Upload 10
    • gianlorenzo bernini david 1623
    • introduced a new type of 3d composition that intrudes viewer space
    • compared to michel david: older muscular in motion more muscle tension
  12. Image Upload 11
    • bernini st teresa of avila in ecstasy 1645
    • example of the emotional theatrical style of rome during the counter-reformation
    • christians told to use all sense to transport themselves emotionally as they imagined events
    • feel the fiery flames of hell or bliss from heaven
  13. Image Upload 12
    • caravaggio the calling of st mathew 1599-1600
    • different becuase they are in what was normal clothes at the time
    • tenebrism
  14. tenebrism
    • forms emerge from a dark background into a strong light that often falls from a single source outside the painting
    • theatrical spotlight effect
  15. Image Upload 13
    • carravaggio crucifixion of st peter 1600
    • tenebrism
  16. Image Upload 14
    • artemisia gentileschi self portrait as the allegory of painting 1630
    • alludes to the arts not being a labor but a sophisticated craft
    • chain allude to the interlocking and continuous relation bt masters and apprentice
    • mask pendant alludes to imitates to human face as painting imitates nature
  17. Image Upload 15
    • diego velazquez las meninas the maids of honor 1656
    • mirror images makes viewer feel like they are the king looking in
    • minimum of underdrawing
    • tried to depic the optical properties of light reflecting from surfaces
    • personal statement for diego to seek respect for himself and art of painting
    • cross on his chest proclaims dignity and importance
  18. allegory
    • symbols of one thing but mean another
    • chain represents a link bt people
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