OB Test 1 - chp 7 def

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  1. affect
    generic term that covers a broad range of feelings that people experience
  2. emotions
    intense feelings that are directed at someone or something
  3. moods
    feelings that tend to be less intense that emotions and that often lack a contextual stimulus
  4. posistive affect
    mood dimension based on positive emotions like excitement, cheerfulness etc..
  5. negative affect
    mood dimension consisting of nervousness, stree, etc...
  6. positive offset
    zero input - most individuals experience a mildly positive mood
  7. evolutionary psychology
    the field of study says we must experience emotions whether they are positive or negetive because they serve a purpose
  8. emotional labor
    an employees expression of organizationally desired emotions during interperonal transactions at work
  9. emotional dissonance
    when employees hae to project one emotion while simultaneously feeling another
  10. felt emotions
    an individuals actual emotions
  11. displayed emotions
    those that an organiization requires workers to show and considers appropriate in a given job
  12. surface acting
    hiding one's inner feelings and forgoing emotional expressions in response to display rules
  13. deep acting
    trying to modify one's true inner feelings based on display rules
  14. emotional intelligence
    is a person's ability to be self-aware, detect emotions in others, and manage emotional cues and information
  15. emotional contagion
    a matching effect between employee and customer emotions. catching emotions from others.
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