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  1. hackney pearl cafe
    prince edward road (split between berkshire road/ wallis road)
  2. H .Forman & Sons
    stour road
  3. elton house
    candy street
  4. candy street
    parnell road
  5. abu dhabi national exhibit centre
    excel/ western gateway
  6. excel
    western gateway
  7. bollywood berazerie
    western gateway
  8. bradley stone statue
    caxton street noth/ peacock gym
  9. peacocks gym
    caxton street noth
  10. island gardens station
    manchester road
  11. st davids square
    westferry road (bottom end)
  12. crowne plaza hotel docklands
    western gateway
  13. anglesea arms
    onslow gardens
  14. popular + blackwall rowing club
    ferry street
  15. holiday inn expressv E1
    the highway
  16. wellington square
    kings road
  17. canary wharf prayer room
    churchill place (next to rocket restaurant)
  18. rocket restaurant
    churchill place
  19. woolyard
    bermondsey street
  20. woolpack pub
    bermondsey street
  21. prospect of whitby
    wapping wall
  22. raffles
    kings road
  23. st mary's magdalen church
    bermondsey street (bottom end)
  24. pasha restaurant
    wapping high street
  25. banana store
    winchester road
  26. greenwood theatre
    weston street
  27. golden hinde
    pickfords wharf/ cathedral street
  28. orange square
    pimlico road/ ebury street
  29. city bridge house
    southwark street
  30. royal society of british sculptors
    old brompton road (just west of queens gate)
  31. bumnkin restaurant sw7
    old brompton road (just west of queens gate)
  32. millennium gloucester road
    courtfield road/ harrington gardens
  33. queen elm square
    old church street
  34. regency hotel
    queens gate (west side lol only)
  35. the kensington hotel sw7
    queens gate (east side lol only)
  36. armenian church
    iverna gardens/ iverna court
  37. quality crown hotel
    lexham gardens
  38. easy hotel
    lexham gardens
  39. uruguay embassy
    kensington high street (nest to stn)
  40. bosnia embassy
    lexham gardens
  41. copthone tara hotel
    scarsdale place
  42. utopia restaurant
    1 kensington high street
  43. coronet cinema
    notting hill gate
  44. gate cinema
    notting hill gate
  45. geales restaurant
    farmer street
  46. bringham young university
    palace court
  47. phoenix hotel
    kensington gardens square
  48. all star lanes w2
    moscow road
  49. prince william hotel
    craven road/ gloucester terrace
  50. hallfield estate
    bishops bridge road/ leinster gardens
  51. hotel indigo
    london street
  52. lancaster hall hotel
    craven terrace (german yha)
  53. connaught village
    shops parade in connaught street
  54. wellington hospital platinum medical centre
    lodge road
  55. harry morgans
    st johns wood high street
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