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  1. test for respiratory cyst
  2. what artery is normally used for ABG
  3. Allen test is for
    collateral circulation
  4. how to do an ABG
    • cleanse sight w/alcohol and iodine.
    • 1ml to 5ml syringe
    • hold at site for 5 min
    • ABG must be tested within 5 minutes
    • transported on ice
  5. drawing in someone with a line in their arm
    • draw arm w/out the lineor below the line.
    • Or turn off the IV for 15 min, discard the first 5ml then test
  6. things that can cause excessive bleeding
    factor deficiencyaspirin or cumadin therapy
  7. what 2 lines are tests never drawn from
    PICC and implanted surgical port. Nurse can draw from lines phlebotomists never do
  8. what line is used to give medication and draw labs from
    heparin lock: discard 5 ml no coagulation test
  9. What are AV shunts for
    dialysis and avoid drawing from these at all costs
  10. what's the spinal block procedure
    • procedure done after spinal tap if there is excessive bleeding.
    • done by doc
    • Phlebotomist preps the BC draw (5-10ml) then passes to doc.
  11. making too much of an element in the blood
    polyethemia vera
    therapeutic phlebotomy
  12. tell me the procedures for legal blood alcohol
    • never drawn by student
    • sheriff has trained phlebotomists,
    • never clean`` w/alcohol
  13. patient you would use a straight syringe in AC areawiggly veins= butterfly
    children under 2 years old
  14. patient you would talk through the procedurenever tell them phlebotomy is a shotallow them to watch the drawtalk about the tourniquet
    children under 8 years of age
  15. how to draw blood on geriatric patients
    • anchor well
    • be careful on insertion (smooth and quick)
    • tie tourniquet on sleeve
  16. to draw on a person with a mastectomy
    draw from side w/more lymph nodes
  17. kinds of stoppers on tubes
    plastic or rubber
  18. what indicates the testing parameters
  19. what additive does sterile yellow contain
    • SPS (sodium polyanethol sulfonate)
    • sterile tubes are always first in draw
  20. how to prep for sterile yellow tube
    like BC, and may replace bc in some cases
  21. black top additive and use
    contains sodium citrate used for ESR
  22. Orange and yellow/grey marble tube additive and use
    • contains thrombin (clot in 5 min) and thixotropic gel.
    • used for stat Serum
  23. additive in tan tube and use
    • heparin or EDTA
    • used for lead level determination or mint tubes may be used
  24. PPT tube additive and use
    • plasma preparation tubes contain thixotropic gel and/or EDTA
    • (may be lavender w/a pearl top or only pearl)
    • used for viral load
  25. pink tubes contain and use
    • contain EDTA used for blood banking
    • *must contain BB number
  26. non-sterile yellow additive, and use
    • contains ACD (acid citrate dextroxe)
    • used for CSF, paternity determination and DNA testing
    • drawn by itself or last
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