ISC Chapter 2

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  1. The basic difference between instantaneous and average speed is that
    B. average speed is for a total distance over a total time of trip
  2. Does any change in the motion of an object, mean acceleration has occurred?
    A. Yes
  3. A measure of how fast your speed is changing as you travel to campus is a measure of
    C. acceleration
  4. A bicyclist pedals at a speed of 5.0 km/h. How far does he travel in 80 minutes?
    D. 6.7 km
  5. A team exerts a force of 10 N towards the south in a tug of war. The other, opposite team, exerts a force of 17 N towards the north. The net force is
    C. 7 N north
  6. You are moving a grocery cart at a constant speed in a straight line down the aisle of a store. For this situation the forces on the cart are
    B. balanced, with a net force of zero
  7. You are outside a store, moving a loaded grocery cart down the street on a very steep hill. It is difficult, but you are able to pull back on the handle and keep the cart moving down the street in a straight line and at a constant speed. For this situation the forces on the cart are
    B. balanced, with a net force of zero
  8. Neglecting air resistance, a ball in freefall near the earth's surface will have
    D. increasing speed and constant acceleration
  9. Neglecting air resistance, an object is observed to fall how far in 3.0s?
    D. 44.1 m
  10. From a bridge, a ball is thrown straight up at the same time a ball is thrown straight down with the same initial speed. Neglecting air resistance, which ball would have a greater speed when it hits the ground?
    C. Both balls would have the same speed
  11. A gun is aimed horizontally at the center of an apple hanging from a tree. The instant the gun is fired the apple falls and the bullet
    A. hits the apple
  12. If an astronaut has a weight of 450 N on the earth, what would be her weight on the moon?
    C. 77 N
  13. According to the third law of motion, which of the following must be true about a car pulling a trailer?
    D. The action-reaction force between the car and trailer are equal, but the force between the ground and car pushes them forward
  14. A small sports car and a large SUV collide head on and stick together without sliding. Which vehicle had the larger momentum change?
    C. Both would be equal
  15. Again consider the small sports car and large SUV that collided head on and stuck together without sliding. Which vehicle must have experienced the larger deceleration during the collision?
    A. The small sports car
  16. Considering the gravitational attraction between the earth and moon, the
    C. attraction between the earth and moon are equal
  17. A straight line distance covered during a certain amount of time describes an object's
    A. speed
  18. How fast an object is moving in a particular direction is described by
    B. velocity
  19. Acceleration occurs when an object undergoes
    D. any of the above
  20. For motion to occur, what must happen?
    C. both 1 and 2
  21. Motion can be changed in how many different ways?
    C. 3
  22. A car moving at 60 mi/hr comes to a stop in 10 s when the driver slams on the brakes. In this situation, what does 60 mi/hr represent?
    C. initial speed
  23. A car moving at 60 mi/hr comes to a stop in 10 s when the driver slams on the brakes. In this situation, what is the final speed?
    B. 0 mi/hr
  24. Galileo argued against Aristotle's idea that
    B. motion is constant only when there is a constant applied force
  25. According to Galileo, an object moving without opposing friction or other opposing forces will
    C. continue moving at a constant speed
  26. In free fall, an object is seen to have a (an)
    B. constant acceleration
  27. Is it possible to throw a football with a flat trajectory?
    B. No
  28. A tennis ball is hit, moving upward from the racket at some angle to the horizon before it curves back to the surface in the path of a parabola. While moving along this path
    A. the horizontal speed remains the same
  29. A push or a pull that is capable of changing the state of motion of an object is a (an)
    B. force
  30. Newton's first law of motion describes
    A. the tendency of a moving or stationary object to resist any change in its state of motion
  31. You are standing freely on a motionless shuttle bus.When the shuttle bus quickly begins to move forward, you
    B. stay in one place over the surface of the earth as the shuttle bus moves from under you
  32. Mass is measured in kilograms, which is a measure of
    C. inertia
  33. Newton's third law of motion states that forces occur in matched pairs that act in opposite directions between two different bodies. This happens
    D. every time two bodies interact
  34. Suppose the mass of a moving scooter is doubled and its velocity is also doubled. The resulting momentum is
    C. quadrupled
  35. Two identical moons are moving in identical circularpaths, but one moon is moving twice as fast as the otheris. Compared to the slower moon, the centripetal force required to keep the faster moon on the path is
    C. four times as much
  36. Formula of motion
    • Motion = Distance / Time
    • V = D / T
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