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  1. language
    phaa saa (rising)
  2. to work
    tham ngaan (mid)
  3. to go shopping
    • seu (high) khawng (rising)
    • khawng = stuff / things
  4. to study or learn
    rian (mid)
  5. policeman
    dtam ruat
  6. birthday
    wan geut (low)
  7. born
    geut (low)
  8. office
    • aw fit (both high)
    • ssam (rising) nak (high) ngaan
  9. state
    rat (high)
  10. province
    jaang wat
  11. south
    dtaai (falling)
  12. north
    neua (rising)
  13. west
    dta wan dtok
  14. east
    dta wan awk
  15. best friend
    peuan (falling) sa nit (both low)
  16. pencil
    din saaw (r)
  17. eraser
    yang lop (h)
  18. pen
    bpak gaa
  19. ruler
    mai (h) bahn tat (h)
  20. notebook
    sa mut (both low)
  21. book
    nang (r) seu (r)
  22. cloth bag
    thung (r) pa (f)
  23. plastic bag
    thung (r) pla sa dtik
  24. bag
    gra bpao (r)
  25. paper
    gra dat (both low)
  26. dark blue
    sii (r) nam (h) ngeun
  27. blue
    sii (r) faa (h)
  28. purple
    sii (r) muang (f)
  29. pink
    sii (r) chom poo
  30. red
    sii (r) deeng
  31. yellow
    sii (r) leuang (r)
  32. orange
    sii (r) som (f)
  33. green
    light green
    dark green
    • sii (r) khiaow (r)
    • khiaow (r) awn (l) - light green
    • khiaow (r) khem (f) or khiaow geeh (l)
  34. white
    sii (r) khaaow (r)
  35. black
    sii (r) daam
  36. gray
    sii (r) tao
  37. brown
    sii (r) nam (h) dtaan
  38. silver
    sii (r) ngeun
  39. gold
    sii (r) taawng
  40. clear
    sii (r) saai (r)
  41. first time
    khang rrek (f)
  42. directions
    thit (h) thaang
  43. by himself, himself, by herself, herself
    dtoa (r) khao (r/h)
  44. by myself, myself
    dtoa (r) di chan (r)
  45. new friend
    peuan (f) mai (l)
  46. clf for boxed, packaged food items
    glawng (l)
  47. clf for bottle/containers
    khuat (l)
  48. clf for cans
    gra (l) bpong (r)
  49. clf for bagged items (e.g. plastic bags)
    thung (r) or sawng
  50. clf for mug for hot drinks or cup of ice cream, etc...
    touay (f)
  51. clf for glass of water or other cold drinks
    geeo (f)
  52. clf for empty glass
  53. clf for spoon
  54. clf for chopsticks
    lawt (l) or an (l)
  55. clf for lids
    faa (r) or an (l)
  56. living room
    hawng (f) rap (h) khEEk (l)
  57. kitchen
    hawng (f) khrua
  58. restroom
    hawng (f) naam (h)
  59. library
    hawng (f) sa mut
  60. bill/receipt
    bin or bai set (l)
  61. clf for pair of chopsticks
    • khuu (f)
    • dta giap neung khuu (f)
  62. clf for plate
  63. clf for pen or knife
    daam (f)

    miit (f) neung daam (f)
  64. clf for animals, clothes
  65. special
    phi (h) set (l)
  66. regular
    tham ma daa
  67. omelet
    khai jiow
  68. egg sunny side up
    khai daao
  69. boiled egg
    khai dtom (f)
  70. steamed egg
    khai dtoon (r)
  71. upstairs
    • kaang (f) bon
    • or
    • chan bon
  72. downstairs
    • laang (f) bon
    • or
    • chan (h) laang (f)
  73. outside
    khang nawk (both falling)
  74. inside
    khang (f) nai
  75. clf for each round fruit
    luuk (f)
  76. clf for a stack/pile of fruits
  77. clf for bunch of longan, etc..
    mat (h)
  78. clf for a wrapped pack
    phEk (h)
  79. clf for bag of fruits
    thung (r)
  80. clf for bunch of grapes, etc..
  81. clf for a bunch of bananas
    wii (r)
  82. 100 grams
    neung kit
  83. shirt
    seua (f)
  84. pants (long and short)
    • gaang geng kha (r) yaao
    • gaang geng kha (r) san (f)
  85. skirt (long and short)
    • gra bprong yaao
    • gra bprong san (f)
  86. shoes
    rrong taao (h)
  87. sneakers
    rrong taao (h) pa (f) baai
  88. dress shoes/high heels
    • rrong taao (h) son (f) soong (r)
    • or
    • rrong taao (h) khat (h) chuu
  89. sandals/slippers
    rrong taao (h) dtE (l)
  90. clf for pair of shoes
    khuu (f)
  91. clf for one shoe (not a pair)
    khaang (f)
  92. sleep (n)
    sleepy (adj)
    • nawn lap (l)
    • nguang (f) nawn
  93. t.v.
    thoo ra (h) that (h) or thi wii
  94. wall clock
    naa li gaa khween (r)
  95. wrist watch
    naa li gaa kaw (f) meu
  96. hotel
    rong rEEm
  97. meeting (n)
    bpra (l) chum
  98. meeting room
    hawng (f) bpra (l) chum
  99. cook
    tham aa haan (r)
  100. watch t.v.
    • duu thii wii
    • duu thoo ra (h) that (h)
  101. go to bed
    khao (f) nawn
  102. buddhism
    sat sa (l) naa (r) phut (h)
  103. christianity
    sat (l) sa (l) naa (r) krit (h)
  104. read
    aan (l)
  105. teach
    sawn (r)
  106. write
    khian (r)
  107. bread snack
    kha nom (r) bpang
  108. to smoke
    suup (l)
  109. cigarette
    bu (l) rii (l)
  110. bus ticket collector
    gra (l) bpao (r) rot (h) mee
  111. bus driver
    khon khap (l) rot (h) mee
  112. harbor
    thaa (f) rheua
  113. traffic jam
    rot (h) dtit (l)
  114. palace
    phra (l) raat (f) cha (h) wang
  115. sleep late
    nawn deuk (l)
  116. wake up late
    dteuun (l) saai (r)
  117. diligent, eager, hard-working
    kha (l) yan (r)
  118. same (e.g. same table)
    diaow gan
  119. same
    meuan (r) gan
  120. @ the same time
    phrawm (h) gan
  121. together
    douay (f) gan
  122. i don't remember
    jam mai dai
  123. i don't remember the name of the airport
    jam cheu (f) sa naam bin mai dai
  124. i forgot.
    dichan leum
  125. i forgot the name of the airport
    dichan leum cheu sa naam bin ka.
  126. i don't know yet.
    yang mai saap (f) ka.
  127. problem
    bpan haa (r)
  128. question
    kham thaam (r)
  129. answer
    kham dtawp (l)
  130. to stroll
    deun leen (f)
  131. available
    waang (f)
  132. convenient
    sa (l) duak (l)
  133. see you tuesday!
    pop (h) gan mai wan ang khaan ka.

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