1.7 Anatomical Terminology

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  1. What is anatomical position?
    • describes the position of the body standing erect with arms at the side of the body, palms facing forward, eyes looking straight ahead
    • - legs are parallel with feet and toes are pointing forward
  2. A. Relative positions
    1) Terms of relative position are used to describe the __ of a part relative to another part.
    2) Terms of relative position include: __ (12)__
    • location
    • superior, inferior, anterior, posterior, medial, lateral, proximal, distal, superficial (peripheral), deep, supine, prone
  3. B. Body Sections
    1) A __ divides the body into __ and __ portions
    2) A __ divides the body into __ and __ sections.
    3) A __ divides the body into __ and __ sections.
    4) Sometimes a __, __ or __ will be made through a __ organ.
    • sagitall; right and left
    • transverse; superior and inferior
    • coronal (frontal); anterior and posterior
    • cross section, oblique section, or longitudinal section
    • cylindrical
  4. C. Body Regions
    1. The __ can be divided into __ regions.
    2. Terms used to refer to various body regions are depicted in Figure 1. 13
    • abdominal area
    • nine
  5. Define:
    superior and inferior.
    • superior: move towards the head, or above another structure
    • inferior: move towards teh feet or tail, or below another structure
  6. Define:
    anterior and posterior.
    • Anterior: move towards the front or belly-side of the body
    • Posterior: Move towards the back or spinal card side of the body
  7. Define:
    medial and lateral.
    • medial: refers to the middle or near the middle of the mody or sthe structre
    • lateral: refers to the side
  8. Define:
    proximal and distal.
    • proximal: located nearer to the point of attachment of the body
    • distal: located farther away from the point of attachment ot the body
  9. Define:
    superficial and deep.
    • superficial: more towards the surface of the body
    • deep: further away from the surface of the body
  10. Define:
    supine and prone.
    • supine: the body lying horizontally and facing upward
    • prone: the body lying horizontally and facing downward
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