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  1. What is the most common life threatening side effect of Ibuprofen
  2. What should a nurse consider before administering Ibuprofen to someone who is diabetic?
    That Ibuprofen may increase hypoglycemic effects of insulin or oral agents. p. 688
  3. What is the Desired Outcome of using Ibuprofen?
    Decrease severity of pain, and reduction in fever. p. 688
  4. What is a safe dose of Ibuprofen PO in an Adult?
    No more than 3200 mg/day...or 400-800mg 3 to 4 times daily.
  5. Can aspirin reduce the effects of ibuprofen?
    Yes p. 688
  6. What is the risk for patients taking Ibuprofen with alcohol?
    They are increasing their risk of getting GI Bleeds. p 690
  7. What is a safe dose of Acetaminophen PO in an adult?
    325-650 mg every 4 to 6 hours. p.112
  8. If a nurse is made aware that a pt is also taking warfarin while on Tylenol, what information should the nurse keep in mind about the two drugs?
    That acetaminophen may increase the risk of bleeding with Warfarin.
  9. What is the brand name for Meperidine?
  10. What is Demerol used for?
    Preoperative sedation, and moderate to severe pain.
  11. The nurse has just received a patient with head trauma after a car accident. The patients is complaining of pain consistently and the doctor has ordered Demerol what must the nurse assess and keep in mind before administering Demerol?
    Demerol can increase intracranial pressure for patients with head trauma.
  12. Can Demerol cause hypothyroidism?
    Yes. p 821
  13. What should the nurse assess for when a pt is on Meperidine?
    Consitpation, B/P, Pulse, Respirations, Confusion, etc...
  14. What is the life threatening effect of Merperidine?
    Respiratory Depression
  15. Can Meperidine cause Delirium in the elderly?
    Yes, it can cause Delirium in the elderly. p. 820
  16. What is a safe dose of Meperidine PO, Sub-q IM in an ADULT?
    Analgesia-50mg q -4 hours. Not to exceed 600 mg/24 hr
  17. What is generic name for Percocet?
    Oxycodone p. 966
  18. What is oxycodone used for?
    For moderate to severe pain
  19. What is a safe dose of Oxycodone for Adults PO
    5-10 mg q 3-4 hr. p. 967
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