ISC Chapter 4

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  1. What happens to the diameter of a hole in a metal washer as the washer is heated?
    A. It becomes larger
  2. Suppose ammonia is spilled in the back of a large room. If there were no air currents, how would the room temperature influence how quickly you would smell ammonia at the opposite side of the room?
    A. a warmer room would make you smell the ammonia more quickly
  3. Any time a temperature difference occurs, you can expect
    B. heat movement from any higher temperature region, such as heat moving out of a warm house during the winter
  4. A dieter's Calorie is equivalent to how many kcal?
    C. 1
  5. The cheese on a hot pizza takes a long time to cool because it
    C. has a high specific heat
  6. The specific heat of copper is roughly three times as great as the specific heat of gold. Which of the following is true?
    C. A piece of copper stores three times as much heat as the same mass of gold at the same temperature
  7. The definition of a calorie of heat is actually a measure of what property of water?
    C. specific heat
  8. Conduction best takes place in a
    A. solid
  9. Convection best takes place in a
    B. fluid
  10. Radiation is the only method of heat transfer that can take place in
    D. the vacuum of outer space
  11. What form of heat transfer will warm your body without warming the air in a room?
    C. radiation
  12. When you add heat to a substance, its temperature
    C. might stay the same
  13. The great cooling effect produced by water evaporating comes from its high
    C. latent heat
  14. Suppose no water vapor is added to or removed from a sample of air that undergoes a temperature increase--in such an instance, the relative humidity of the air sample
    C. goes down
  15. At temperatures above freezing, the evaporation rate can equal the condensation rate only at
    D. any temperature
  16. The change of phase from ice to liquid water takes place at
    B. constant temperature
  17. The temperature of a gas is related to the
    D. average of all the different types of KE of the gas molecules
  18. The idea that substances are composed of very small particles is actually quite an old idea and is attributed to the ancient Greek thinker
    C. Democritus
  19. The diverse characteristics of each phase of matter can be attributed to
    D. A and B
  20. Matter that has a fixed shape is a
    A. solid
  21. The Fahrenheit thermometer scale is
    D. as accurate as the Celsius scale
  22. The absolute scale of temperature uses the same Kelvin interval or degree size as the degree size on the
    A. Celsius scale
  23. Internal energy refers to the
    B. total potential and kinetic energy of the molecules
  24. External energy refers to the
    C. total potential energy and kinetic energy of an object that you can measure directly
  25. Heat is the
    A. total internal energy of an object
  26. The amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of one gram of water 1 degree Celsius is known as
    A. a calorie
  27. The metric unit of heat is the
    C. calorie
  28. The measure of energy released by the oxidation of food is the
    B. kilocalorie
  29. The transfer of heat that takes place by the movement of groups of molecules with higher kinetic energy is
    B. convection.
  30. The transfer of heat that takes place by energy moving through space is
    C. radiation.
  31. As some fluid mass is heated, the movement of the fluids is always one of
    C. displacement by convection currents
  32. Formula to covert Fahrenheit to Celsius
    Tf + 9/5 Tc + 32
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