Social Studies Vocab for test

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  1. City-State
    A city and its surrounding farmlands with its own government and leaders.
  2. Obsidian
    A volcanic black rock often used by ancient people to make tools.
  3. Parallel Time Line
    A grouping of time lines that display different kinds of information for the same time period.
  4. Specialize
    To work at only one kind of job.
  5. Oasis
    A place in the desert that has a dependable source of water.
  6. Export
    Good sent for sale to other places.
  7. Livestock
    Domesticated animals, such as cattle, sheep, and pigs, that provide a resource.
  8. Technology
    The use of skills and knowledge to make the work of everyday life easier.
  9. Consequence
    A result.
  10. Nomad
    A person without a permanent home.
  11. Band
    A small group of people made up of related families.
  12. Artifact
    A human-made object especially from a long time ago.
  13. Extinct
    No longer living; died out.
  14. Civilization
    A society with developed forms of religion, ways of governing, and centers of learning.
  15. Descendant
    A person who is descended from a certain ancestor.
  16. Cultivate
    To prepare and use soil for the growing of crops.
  17. Slash and Burn
    To cut and burn forestlands to gain new farmland.
  18. B.C.
    Stands for "Before Christ".
  19. Complex Society
    A social system with a reliable food source, with established laws, customs, and job specialization.
  20. Import
    Goods brought in for sale from other places.
  21. B.C.E.
    Stands for "Before the Common Era" and refers to the same years as B.C.
  22. Ziggurat
    A tall stepped tower built by the ancient Sumerians as a temple to a god.
  23. A.D.
    Stands for "Anno Domini" a Latin phrase meaning "in the year of the lord". This identifies approximately how many years have passed since the birth of Jesus Christ.
  24. C.E.
    Stands for "Common Era" and refers to the same years as A.D.
  25. Pastoral Society
    A group of people whose way of life depends on herding.
  26. Domesticate
    To tame plants and animals for human use.
  27. Agriculture
    The raising of domesticated plants and animals; farming.
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