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  1. ILS
    Integrated Library System
  2. OCLC
    Online Computer Library Center
  3. MARC
    Machine-Readable Cataloging
  4. IFLA
    International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
  5. FRBR
    Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records
  6. METS
    Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standards
    Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing
  8. ILS
    Integrated Library Systems
  9. LMSS
    Library Management Support System
  10. OPAC
    Online public access catalog
  11. Web-PAC
    Web public accessible catalog
  12. AACR
    Anglo-American Cataloging Rules
  13. substantive series
    • a group of items related to one another by the fact that each item bears, in addition to its own title proper, a collective title applying to a group as a whole.
    • The individual items may or may not be numbered.
  14. MODS
    Metadata Object Description Schema
  15. - has 20 top-level elements followed by subelements
  16. DACS
    • Describing Archives: a Content Standard
    • Has 3 parts describing:

    • - archival materials
    • - creators
    • - forms of names
  17. TEI
    Text Encoding Initiative
  18. CSDGM
    • Content Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
    • Also known as FGDC metadata standard
  19. VRA
    Visual Resources Association
  20. CDWA
    • Categories for the Description of Works of Art
    • Made up of 512 categories and subcategories
  21. CCO
    Cataloging Cultural Objects
  22. RT
    Related terms
  23. BT
    Broader terms
  24. NT
    Narrower terms
  25. UF
    Use for
  26. SA
    See also
  27. BGN
    Board on Geographic Names
  28. FFS
    Free-Float Subdivisions

    • •General free-floating subdivisions
    • •Subdivisions under classes of persons and ethnic groups
    • •Subdivisions under names of individual corporate bodies, persons, and families
    • •Subdivisions used under place names
    • •Subdivisions controlled by pattern headings
  29. OPS
    Open Publication Structure
  30. ISAAR
    International Standard for Archival Authority Records
  31. ISAD
    International Standard Archival Descriptions
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