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  1. At what % does the atmosphere become oxygen deficient?
  2. When is the SCBA to be worn?
    • contaminated atmospheres
    • situations where it is likely that the atmosphere may become contaminated.
  3. What are the 4 low air warnings?
    • warning whistle
    • Sentinel 2 system chirps
    • Red light flashing on the facepiece HUD
    • Red lights flashing on the Sentinel 2 system
  4. What are the SCBA emergency procedures?
  5. What are the 5 purposes of the sizeup?
    • Learn the facts of the situation.
    • Understand the probabilities.
    • Develop situational awareness.
    • * Understand what resources you need.
    • Make a decision.
    • Formulate a plan of action.
  6. What are the 3 types of building collapse?
    • Lean-To Collapse
    • Pancake Collapse
    • V-Type Collapse
  7. What coupling is closest to the entrance of the structure?
    Male coupling - "Big Lug Big Truck"
  8. Describe the 3 types of heat stress.
    • a.) Heat Cramps - least severe.
    • Symtoms: severe muscle aches

    • b.) Heat Exhaustion - is more severe.
    • Symptoms: fatigue, muscular weakness, tachycardia, fainting, nausea and vomiting, profuse sweating and the urge to defecate.

    • c.) Heat Stroke - is very serious. 10% mortality rate.
    • Symptoms: loss of consciousness, a rectal temp above 40 C, or skin that is hot and dry.
  9. What is the RIC and what is it for?
    • - Rapid Intervention Connection
    • - The connection where the Supplementary Air Supply is used to get air to a firefighter that is getting little or no air.
    • - Used to fill the cylinder without interrupting the air supply to the firefighter being rescued.
  10. When does the low air whistle activate, how loud
    is it and how much air does it use?
    • LAW activates at 25% of the full cylinder pressure
    • LAW is 90 decibels
    • LAW uses less than 5 litres per minute of medium pressured air (when activated)
  11. What are the 2 indicator lights on the HUD used
    for and what colour/letter are they?
  12. Escaping through a wall opening can be achieved
    by what methods?
    • Forward Swim Method (preferred)
    • Backward Swim Method (preferred)
    • Modified Profile Manoeuvre
    • Temporary removing SCBA (last resort only)
  13. What do you do after you find a victim?
  14. Why do you search high on a wall?
    To look for means of egress... (i.e windows)
  15. What are the two recognized search procedures for CFD?
    • Primary Search
    • Secondary Search
  16. What are the two common search methods?
    • A.) Point man
    • B.) Box Method
  17. What does the low air cylinder pressure icon
    look like?
    • good question - hard to describe :)
    • a cylinder with lessening degrees of air shown inside
  18. When do you remove your gloves while doffing?
    After removing your demand valve, and helmet then it is safe to remove your gloves.
  19. How often does a cylinder get hydrostaticly tested?
    Every five years.
  20. What is the procedure for moving a downed fire
    fighter up/down stairs?
  21. What are the air purity and air quality standards
    for the air in a cylinder?
  22. What are the 6 safety Checks while donning
    your SCBA?
    • ensure the blue button is pressed
    • read the cylinder pressure
    • make sure the PASS device is activated
    • ensure the Sentinel 2 digital pressure gauge reads within 2% of the cylinder pressure reading
    • ensure all skin is covered
    • perform the tug, bypass, and negative pressure safety checks
  23. In order to conform to NFPA standards what conditions has the facepiece been tested under?
    • 1093 degrees Celsius open flame
    • for 10 seconds
  24. List the 3 types of communication during Search
    • voice
    • touch
    • hand signals
  25. How long after a firefighter becomes motionless does the PASS device activate?
    22 seconds
  26. At what % is an atmosphere considered "O2
  27. What are the Sentinel II warning systems for:
    half air, 1/4 air, PASS, failed test icon
    • Half Air
    • - two beeps
    • - one red and one orange light flashes on HUD
    • 1/4 Air
    • - warning whistle
    • - Sentinel 2 system chirps
    • - Red light flashing on the facepiece HUD
    • - 2 red lights flashing on the Sentinel 2 system
    • PASS
    • - activates if a firefighter does not move after 22 seconds
    • - can be manually activated with the yellow button onthe front of the Sentinal 2
    • - loud continous alarm.

    • Failed Icon Test
    • - Large X displayed across the Sentinel 2 screen.

  28. What are the symptoms of wearing an SCBA unit while
    • a.) our profile changes
    • b.) center of gravity shifts
    • c.) we become 20% less productive physically
  29. How long is the air in a cylinder viable - when does it become stale air?
    6 months
  30. What is a step that must be taken before moving through a wall in a self rescue technique?
    Sound the floor of the room that we are moving into.
  31. What PSI does the 1st Stage Pressure reducer lower the high pressure airflow down to?
    From 4500 PSI down to 87 - 130 PSI
  32. At what pressure does the automatic pressure relief valve open to protect medium pressure components?
    160 - 230 PSI
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