History 101

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  1. Athens
    Athens started out as a distinctly agricultural economy. The city's position would later make it a famous merchantile and seafaring polis. Aristocratic dominance over Athens rested on the elected magistracies, which they monopolized, and the council fo state, which was composed of former magistrates. The council was where the real power in Athens resided.
  2. Homer
    Homer was a Greek poet. Tragedy's fundamental themes----justice, law, and the conflicting demands of piety and obligation that drove a heroic man or woman to destruction---were derived from Homer.
  3. Achilles
    He was the hero of Homer's Illiad. He fought in the Trojan war and was the son of the mortal Peleus and the Nereid Thetis.
  4. polis
    One of the major political innovations of the ancient Greeks was the Polis, or city-state. They were independent social and political structures, organized around an urban center, containing markets, meeting places, and a temple; they controlled a limited amount of the surrounding territory.
  5. phalanx
    a body of heavily armed infantry in ancient Greece formed in close deep ranks and files
  6. hoplite
    A Greek foot soldier armed with a spear or short sword and protected by a large round shield (a hopla). In battle, hoplites stood shoulder to shoulder in a close formation called a phalanx.
  7. tyrant
    an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution; a ruler who exercises absolute power oppresively or brutally
  8. Solon
    Elected archon in 594 bce, this ancient Greek aristocrat enacted a series of political and economic reforms that made Athenian democracy possible. He encouraged the Athenians to cultivate olives and grapes, thus spurring cash-crop farming and the urban industries (such as pottery, oil production, and ship building) necessary to make Athens a commercial power.
  9. Battle of Marathon
    (490 b.c.e)
  10. Battle of Thermopylae
    (480 b.c.e.)
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