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  1. Yergason Test assessment
    Biceps tendon stability
  2. Drop Arm Test assessment
    Rotator cuff tear
  3. Shoulder Apprehension test Assessment
    Shoulder dislocation
  4. Winged Scapula Assessment
    Weaness of the Serratus Anterior
  5. Elbow Tinel Sign Assessment
    Neuroma in ulnar nerve
  6. Wrist Tinel Sign Assessment
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  7. Phalens Test Assessment
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  8. Allens Test Assessment
    Patency of radial and ulnar arteries
  9. Leg Roll Assessment
    Tone of quadriceps
  10. Patrick Test Assessment
    Hip and/or SI joint pathology
  11. Trendelenburg Assessment
    Strength of gluteus medius
  12. Bulge Sign Assessment
    Excess fluid in the knee
  13. Patellar Apprehension Assessment
    Patellar dislocation & subluxation
  14. Lachman Test Assessment
    ACL integrity
  15. Anterior/Posterior Drawer Assessment
    ACL/PCL integrity
  16. Valgus & Varus Stress Assessment
    MCL/LCL integrity
  17. McMurray Assessment
  18. Apley Grind Assessment
  19. Foot Anterior Drawer Assessment
    Anterior Talofibular Ligament
  20. Homan's Sign Assessment
  21. Thompson's Sign Assessment
    Achilles tendon rupture
  22. Straight leg raise assessment
    SI joint pathology
  23. Crossed Straight Leg Raise Assessment
    Nerve root irritation
  24. Gaenslen's Assessment
    SI joint pathology
  25. Sign of impairment with Yergason Test
    Pain with rotation
  26. Sign of impairment with drop arm test
    inability to lower at 90 degrees/arm drops
  27. Sign of impairment with shoulder apprehension test
    pain or look of apprehension
  28. Sign of impairment with tinel sign of elbow
    pain/numbness/tingling in the ulnar nerve distribution
  29. Sign of impairment with tennis elbow
    pain in lateral epicondyle &/or muscle belly of wrist extensors
  30. Sign of impairment with tinel sign of wrist/hand
    Pain/numbness/tingling in median nerve distribution
  31. Sign of impairment with Phalen's test
    Pain/numbness/tingling in median nerve distribution
  32. Sign of impairment with Allens Test
    Lack flush of hand with either release or both
  33. Sign of impairment with leg roll
    Diminished or increased tone
  34. Sign of impairment with Patrick Test
    • inguinal pain with initial position implys hip pathology
    • Pain with pressure implys SI joint pathology
  35. Sign of impairment with Trendelenburg Sign
    Pelvis on unsupported side remains unmoved or descends gluteus medius is weak on supported side
  36. Sign of impairment with Bulge Sign
    Medial bulging
  37. Sign of impairment with patellar apprehension
    pain/look of apprehension
  38. Sign of impairment with Lachman's Test or Ant-Post Drawer
    Distraction > 5mm
  39. Sign of impairment with Valgus/Varus Stress
    Laxity, increased gap, palpable clunk
  40. Sign of impairment with McMurray Sign
    Palpable &/or audible click/catch or discomfort
  41. Sign of impairment with Apley Grind
    Pain with pressure or rotation
  42. Sign of impairment with Anterior Drawer
    • Anterior movement of the talus
    • Possible palpable clunk
  43. Sign of impairment with Homan's Sign
    Pain in calf with maneuver or pain with deep palpation
  44. Sign of impairment with Thompson's Sign
    Lack of plantar flexion
  45. Sign of impairment with Scoliosis
    Lateral deviation of spine
  46. Sign of impairment with straight leg raise
    Recurrent pain down leg with dorsiflexion
  47. Sign of impairment with crossed straight leg raise
    Raising uninvolved leg causes pain down involved leg
  48. Sign of impairment with Gaenslen's Test
    Pain in SI joint area
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