Early Caravaggio

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    Annibale Carracci, Assumption of the Virgin, 1600, Cerasi chapel, Santa maria del popolo, Rome
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    Caravaggio, Boy bitten by a lizard, national Gallery, London, 1595
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    Caravaggio, The Calling of St. Matthew, 1600, Contarelli Chapel, Saint Luigi dei Francesi, Rome
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    Caravaggio, Death of the Virgin, 1601, Paris, Louvre
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    Caravaggio, Madonna dei Palafrenieri, 1605, Rome, Villa Borghese
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    Caravaggio, The Inspiration of St. Matthew 1st Version, 1602, Contarelli chapel, S. Luigi dei Francesi, Rome
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    Caravaggio, The Instpiration of saint Matthew, 1602, Contarelli chapel, S. Luigi dei Francesi, Rome
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    Caravaggio, The Martyrdom of saint Matthew, 1600, Contarelli Chapel, S. Luigi dei Francesi, Rome
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