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  1. When should Alginate impressions be poured?
    In Preliminary Impressions
  2. What does imbibition mean?
    • Absorption of water, causing an object to swell.
    • eg. alginate impression stored in water or soaked in paper towel
  3. Impressions are what type of reproduction of the teeth and sorrounding tissues?
    negative reproduction
  4. Models created form impressions are what type of reproduction?
    positive reproduction
  5. What is the most commonly used irreversible hydrocolloid?
  6. What is used to make custom trays?
    • Self-curing acrylic resin
    • light-cured resin
    • thermoplastic material
  7. Who takes final impressions?
  8. What type of impression do you use for a custom tray?
    Preliminary Impression
  9. How deep should the ipression tray be to allow enough material between the tray and incisal edges of the teeth?
    sufficiently deep to allow 2 to 3mm of material
  10. What are the three classifications of impressions in dentistry?
    • Preliminary Impression- create production of teeth & sorrounding tissues.
    • Final Impression- Most accurate reproduction of teeth & sorrounding tissues.
    • Bite Registration- Produce reproduction of occlusal relationship of the maxillary & mandibular teeth when mouth is occlused.
  11. What type of tray covers 1/2 of the dental arch?
    Quadrant tray
  12. How do you extend the lenght or depth of an impression tray?
    Add utility wax to the border of the tray
  13. What is used to produce the occlusal relationship of the upper and lower arches?
    Bite registration
  14. What can you do to change the setting time of an Alginate impression?
    • use cooler water to lengthen setting time.
    • use warm water to shorten setting time.
  15. For an EXTREMELY accurate final impression you would use?
    Polyether- elastomeric material used to easy remove impression
  16. What impression material has the highest viscosity?
  17. How can/do you mix elastomeric imporession material?
    • Paste system
    • Automix system
    • mixing unit system
    • Putty system
  18. What elastomeric material has the BEST dimensional stability?
  19. What elastomeric material hast the BEST occlusal bite registration?
    Zinc Oxide- Eugenol Bite Registration Paste
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