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  1. Action of Hormones: Ovaries
    estrogens, progesterone, Stimulates development of secondary sex characteristics effects repair of the endometrium after menstration
  2. Endocrine Labs
    • Bun 10-30
    • Normal ration 20:1
    • Serum Creatine 0.5-1.5mgdl
    • (creatine more reliable for kidneys)
  3. Stimulate ADH release -
    increase plasma osmolality decrease fluid volume pain, nausea, vomiting.
  4. Inhibit ADH release
    • decrease plasma osmolality increase fluid volume
    • badrenergic agonist, alcohol
  5. Gerontologic Differences in Assesment for Thyroid
    atrophy of thyroid gland, TSH, and T3 secretion is decreased.
  6. Gerontologic Differences in assessment for parathyroid
    increased basal level of PTH, and increased secrections

    Clinical significances icnreased calcium resorption from bone, hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria (excessive urine calcium excretion)
  7. What are 3 hormones produced and secreted by the thyroid gland?
    • thyroxine- T4, triiodothyronine-T3, and calcitonin (inhibits reabsorption loss of decreased calcium levels)
    • T3 Much more potent and has a greater metabolic rate.
  8. ADH is a potent vasoconstrictor - reabsorbs h20 in renal tubes.

    ADH = posterior pituatary
  9. What is most important stimulate to ADH
    plasma osmolatily measure of solute concentration of circulating blood.

    Plasma osmolatily will increase when there is a decrease in extra cellular fluid or an increase in solute concentration.
  10. Cause of Diabetes Insipitus
    • Brain tumor, brain surgery, CNS infection, inadequate renal response to ADH drug therapy especially lithium, renal damage, or hereditary renal disease, excessive
    • h2o intake lesion in thirst center
  11. Clinical manifestation of Diabetes Insipitus
    polydipsia (increase thirst) polyuria (increase urination) urinating 5-20L/day fatigue general weakness suddenly with excessive fluid loss after intercranial surgery
  12. Lab findings of Diabetes Insipitus
    Decreased specific gracity-<1.005

    Increased mOsm/kg - 295or higher/kg

    H2o deprivation test
  13. Nursing Diagnosis for Diabetes Inspitus
    • maintain adequate hydration, hormone replacement, I&Os,
    • DDAVP (desmopressin acetate)-analog of ADH
    • assess weight, HA, restlessness, and S/s of hyponatremia
  14. Interventions for Diabetes Insipitus
    vasopressin, manangment of complications - fluid loss, shock, hypernatrmia) Thiazides (slow GFR)
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