Management 4

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  1. parochialism
    viewing the world soley through ones own eyes, not recognizing differences in living and working
  2. global environment
    • technology
    • internet
    • fall of communism
  3. ethnocentric attitude
    parochialistic belief, best done by own country
  4. polycentric attitude
    managers of host countries know best work approaches and pracitces
  5. geocentric attitude
    world orientated view that focuses on using the best approaches and people from around the world
  6. european union
    economic and political partnership between 27 democratic countries as unified economic trade entity
  7. NAFTA
    Mexico, Canada, US 1992, eliminated barriers to trade
  8. multinational corporation
    a broad term the refers to any and all types of international companies that maintain operations in multiple countries
  9. transnational or borderless organization
    type of mnc in which artificial geographic barriers are eleminated. not based anyplace
  10. types of mnc's
    • multidomestic corporation (decentralized)
    • global company (centralized)
    • borderless
  11. how organizatons go global
    • minimal - global sourcing
    • mid - export/import, licensing, franchising
    • Signifigant - strategic alliance or joint venture, foriegn subsidiary
  12. strategic alliance
    partnership between an organization and a foriegn company partners in which both share resources and knowledge in developing new products or building production facilities
  13. joint venture
    a specific type of strategic alliance in which the partners agree to form a seperate independent organizaton for some business purpose
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