mod E week 2

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  1. calcination
    process of driving a specific amount of water out of gypsum
  2. gypsum
    calcium sulfate dehydrate
  3. type | plaster- impression
    take impressions, not popular because of its weakness
  4. type || plaster- model
    plaster of paris, mostly used for study models
  5. type |||- dental stone
    white or buff colored, for orthodontics
  6. type |V- improved or die stone
    stronger class || stone used for dental dies and casts
  7. type V- casting investment
    used for casts of a prosthesis
  8. articulator
    frame representing the jaw that holds models of patients teeth
  9. malleability
    ability of material to withstand compressive stresses without fracturing
  10. baseplate wax
    sheets, used in denture construction and bite registration
  11. boxing wax
    strips, used to box/wrap around impression prior to pouring
  12. casting wax
    sheet, various thickness, used for construction of patterns for cast
  13. disclosing wax
    pressure indicator paste
  14. inlay wax
    hard, blue stick wax melted into a die, wax pattern
  15. sticky wax
    hard brittle wax stick, melted and placed to hold dental units together
  16. utility wax
    soft, adhesive wax, stick or sheet, mounting trays
  17. acrylic
    synthetic resin material
  18. composite
    tooth colored restorative materials
  19. monomer
    liquid catalyst
  20. polymerization
    pliable state of a rigid state
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