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  1. Decubitus
      1. lying position: the position of a person's body when he or she is
      2. lying down, usually on the front, back, or side
  2. Necrosis
    the death of cells tissue or organs
  3. Ischemia
    A temporary defficiency of blood flow to tissue or an organ
  4. hyperemia
    Congestion; an unusual amount of blood in a part
  5. Reactive Hyperemia (normal)
    The increased flow of blood into an eschemic tissue area after restoration of blood flow
  6. Shearing Force
    • force acting parallel to plane: a force, or a component of a force,
    • that acts parallel to a plane
  7. Eschar
    Dead matter that is cast off from the surface of the skin, esp after a burn
  8. Debridement
    The removal of foreign material and dead or damaged tissue esp. in a wound
  9. Sloughing
    seperation of dead from living tissue
  10. Blanching
    To lose color, esp. in the face usualy suddenly and in the context of being frightened or sad
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