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  1. What was the purpose of reconstrution?
    To bring Confederate states back into the Union
  2. Reconstruction lasted from ____ to ____
    1865 to 1877
  3. What complicatied the process of reconstruction?
    Lincoln, Johnson and members of congress had different ideas on how reconstruction should be handled
  4. What was the Ten-percent plan?
    Lincoln's reconstruction plan to pardon all confederates who would swear allegiance to the union (except for high-ranking officals and those accused of war crimes)
  5. What group disagreed with Lincoln's Ten-percent plan and wanted to destroy the politial power of former slave holders?
    Radical republicans
  6. Who were the two leaders of the Radical republicans?
    Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts and Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania
  7. How did Johnson's reconstrution plan differ from Lincoln's?
    To exclude high-ranking confederates and wealthy southern landowners from taking the oath of allegiance to the union (needed for voteing privileges)
  8. How did moderate Republicans try to overcome weaknesses they saw in Johnson's plan?
    Congress voted to enlarge the Freedman's Bureau and passed the Civil Rights Act of 1866
  9. What was Johnson's response to the Freedman's Bureau Act and the Civil Rights Act?
    He vetoed them both
  10. What did moderate and Radical republicans do to shift the control of reconstruction from the Executive branch to the Legislative branch?
    They overrode Johnson's vetoes and drafted the 14th admendment
  11. What does the 14th amendment state?
    All persons born or naturalized in the US are declared citizens and guaranteed equal protection of the laws
  12. What court decision was overruled by the 14th amendment?
    Dred Scott decision
  13. What law was passed that did not recognize state government (except Tennessee's) that was formed under Lincoln's and Johnson's plans?
    The Reconstruction Act of 1867
  14. What two things did the Reconstruction act of 1867 require confederate states to do to reenter the union?
    • 1. Grant African American men the right to vote
    • 2. Radify the 14th amendment
  15. On what grounds did the Radical Republicans look to impeach Johnson?
    When Johnson removed secretary of war Edwin Stanton from office in 1868
  16. What states that a president could not remove a cabinet officer... with out the senate's approval?
    Tenure of office act
  17. What happened after the house of representatives impeached Johnson?
    The senate found him not guilty (by a vote 35 to 19-one short of the required 2/3 majority)
  18. Who won the 1868 presidential election?
    Ulysses S Grant
  19. What does the 15th amendment state?
    Grants voting rights to people regardless of their race and/or color
  20. What 3 groups made up the Republican party in the south?
    • 1. scalawags
    • 2. carpet baggers
    • 3. African Americans
  21. Who were scalawags?
    White southerners who joined the republican party
  22. Who were carpet baggers?
    Northerners who moved to the south after the war
  23. How did African Americans play an active role in politics?
    By voting and holding public office (at the local, state, and federal level)
  24. What vigilante group tried to destroy the republican party and end reconstruction?
    Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
  25. What caused the end of reconstruction in the south?
    A deal made during the presidential election of 1876
  26. Despite losing the popular vote to Samuel J. Tilden, who was the 1876 presidential election be electorial vote?
    Rutherford B. Hayes
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