Nervous System terms

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  1. arachoid membrane
    middle of 3 membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord
  2. astrocyte
    type of glial cell that transports water and salts from capillaries
  3. autonomic nervous system
    nerves that control involuntary body functions
  4. axon
    microscopic fiber that carries nerve impulses along nerve cells
  5. cauda equina
    collection of spinal nerves below end of spinal cord
  6. central nervous system
    central nervous system
  7. cerebellum
    posterior part of the brain, coordinates muscle movements and maintains balance
  8. cerebrospinal fluid
    circulates throughout the brain and spinal cord, it protects the brain and spinal cord from shock and acts like a cushion
  9. cerebrum
    largest part of the brain, responsible for voluntary muscular activity, vision, speech, taste, hearing, thought and memory
  10. dendrite
    branching fiber of nerve cell and is the first part to receive nerve impulses
  11. dura mater
    thick, outermost layer of meninges, surrounds and protects brain and spinal cord
  12. ganglion
    dangling nerves off of the spinal cord
  13. meninges
    3 protective membranes that surround brain and spinal cord
  14. neuron
    nerve cell that carries impulses throughout the body
  15. parenchyma
    functional tissue, which is the neurons
  16. peripheral nervous system
    nerves outside brain and spinal cord
  17. pia mater
    thin, delicate inner membrane of meninges
  18. plexus
    large, interlacing network of nerves
  19. stroma
    supporting tissue of an organ
  20. synapse
    space where nerves impulse travels between nerve cells
  21. ventricles of brain
    canals in brain that contain cerebrospinal fluid
  22. encephalitis
    inflammation of the brain
  23. encephalopathy
    brain disease
  24. anencephaly
    without brain
  25. glioblastoma
    tumor of immature glial cells
  26. meningeal
    pertaining to the meninges
  27. meningioma
    tumor of the meninges
  28. myelomeningocele
    hernia of spinal cord and meninges
  29. myelogram
    spinal cord record
  30. poliomyelitis
    inflammation of spinal cord and gray matter of brain and spinal cord
  31. neuropathy
    nerve disease
  32. polyneuritis
    inflammation of many nerves
  33. analgesia
    without sensitivity to pain
  34. neuralgia
    nerve pain
  35. cephalgia
    brain pain
  36. anesthsia
    reduced or eliminated sensation
  37. hyperkinesis
    excessive movement
  38. hemiparesis
    muscular weakness of one half of the body
  39. aphasia
    without speech
  40. hemiplegia
    paralysis of one side of the body
  41. paraplegia
    paralysis characterized by motor or sensory loss in the lower limbs and trunk
  42. quadplegia
    paralysis of the arms, legs, and trunk of the body
  43. hydrocephalus
    abnormal accumulation of CSV in the body
  44. spinabifida
    congenital defects in lumbar spinal cord
  45. ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
    degenerative disorder of motor neurons in spinal cord and brain system
  46. Alzeheimer's
    brain disorder has gradual and progressive mental deterioration, personality changes, and impairment of daily functioning
  47. epilepsy
    chronic brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizure activity
  48. multiple sclerosis
    destruction of myelin sheath on neurons in CNS
  49. meningitis
    inflammation of meninges
  50. palsy
    paralysis(partial or complete loss of motor function
  51. Parkinson's
    degeneration of neurons, leads to tremors, weakness of muscles, slow movement
  52. Tourette's
    involuntary, spasmodic, twitching movements
  53. cerebral concussion
    temporary brain dysfunction after injury 24 hours
  54. cerebral contusion
    bruising brain tissue, direct trauma, longer than 24 hours
  55. cerebrovascular accident
    disruption in normal blood supply to the brain
  56. thrombotic
    blood clot in arteries leading to the brain
  57. embolic
    a dislodged thrombus travels to cerebral arteries and occuldes small vessels
  58. hemorrhagic
    blood vessel that breaks and bleeding occurs
  59. gyrus
    ridge of the brain
  60. sulcus
    a depression in the surface of the brain
  61. cerebral angiography
    x-ray of brain and blood vessels
  62. computed tomography (CT)
    looking at the surface of the brain
  63. myelography
    looking at the spinal cord
  64. lumbar puncture
    CSF is withdrawn from between 2 lumbar vertebrae for analysis
  65. electroencephalography
    electrical activity within the brain
  66. PET scan
    produces a 3-D image or picture of functional processes in the body
  67. AFP (alpha fetal protein)
    proteins that can be found in babies, it is used for early diagnosis of spina bifida and down syndrome
  68. ICP(intracranial pressure)
    is the pressure inside the skull and thus in the brain tissue and CSF
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