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  1. List the components of the polysomnograph
  2. List the 5 stages of sleep
    • Stage 1 - transition stage
    • Stage 2 - light sleep
    • Stage 3 - deep sleep
    • Stage 4 - deep sleep
    • REM
    • (3&4 known as slow wave sleep - SWS)
  3. Describe how homeostatic pressure and circadian
    rhythm affect our ability to sleep
    • substances accumulate during wakefulness and enhance activity of sleep-promoting cells while reducing activity of wake-promoting cells
    • circadian rhythm controlled by suprachiasmatic nucleus ; sleep/wake cycle correlated with body temp
  4. Describe the Restorative Theory of Sleep
    • sleep, particularly SWS, allows for repair and rejuvenation
    • incr. in cell meiosis/mitosis, tissue repair, immune response
    • decr. in body metabolism, but brain metabolism increases durning REM perhaps due to neuronal consolidation memory
  5. list the effects of total and partial sleep deprivation.
    • Total sleep deprivation kills rats, in humans - memory problems, irritability, immune probs, hallucinations
    • Partial leads to decr insulin sensitivity and GH, but incr. cortisol
    • REM deprivation leads to mania and REM rebound
  6. List the neural structures involved in arousal
    and sleep
    • Wakefulness - post. lat. hypothal. - NTs are glutamate, histamine, hypocretin
    • Sleep - ventrolateral preoptic area of ant. hypothal - NTs are GABA and galanin
  7. Describe how changes in the activity of the RAS contribute to loss of sensory awareness and muscle tone at sleep onset
    • As we fall asleep, ascending RAS insufficiently activated, and we are unaware of info input
    • Also, descending RAS activity falls and muscle tone drops
  8. State the activity of 5-HT, NA, DA, ACh and
    hypocretin/orexin neurons in wakefulness, NREM and REM sleep
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