Psychology Chapter 1

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  1. Psychology
    The scientific study of the mind, brain and behavior

  2. Cognition
    The mental processes involved in different aspects of thinking

  3. Psychoanalysis
    the school of psychology founded by segmound freud, that focuses on internal psychological process of which were unaware

  4. Hypothesis
    A testable prediction derived from a scientific theory

  5. Variable
    Anything that can vary in research or experiment.

  6. Case Study
    Research design to examine a person or a small number of people in depth, often over an extended time period.

  7. Dependent Variable
    A variable that an examiner measures to see wether the manipulation has an effect.

  8. Validity
    Extent through which a measure assesses what it claims to measure

  9. Cognition Bias
    The systematic error in thinking

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Psychology Chapter 1
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