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  1. rate of rapid pulse
    90 or more beats per minute
  2. rate of racing pulse
    120-140 beats per minute
  3. what does a rapid pulse indicate?

    causes blood circulation to accelerate, increases pulse rate
  4. rapid pulse with repletion
    rapid with force
  5. rapid pulse with vacuity
    rapid without force, yin vacuity
  6. what does a stirred pulse feel like
    • Like a rolling bean
    • slippery, rapid, with force, felt in only 1 position (often felt most clearly bar position)
    • felt round and trembling at all 3 levels
  7. cause of stirred pulse
    • very rare
    • extreme pain or fear, shock, anxiety
    • palpitations
  8. what does a slippery pulse feel like
    • smooth, flowing (pearls in a dish)
    • arrives and departs smoothly (small fish swimming)
    • opposite of choppy pulse
  9. slippery pulse indication
    • abundant and exuberant qi and blood
    • in disease - indicates exuberance of evil qi and exuberance of right qi
    • GOOD prognosis
  10. slippery pulse coud be due to
    • pregnancy (more qi and blood)
    • dampness
    • phlegm
    • excess heat
    • food retention
  11. slow pulse rate
    • 3 beats per breath
    • less than 60 beats per minute
    • arrives and departs slowly
  12. slow pulse governs _
    cold patterns (can be interior or exterior, vacuous or replete)

    cold contracts ad stagnates blood flow flowing movement of pulse
  13. slow pulse can be seen in
    • an aerobic athlete
    • cold phlegm obstruction
    • blood stasis
  14. rate of moderate (leisurely) pulse
    • 4 beats per minute
    • even and balanced
    • felt strongest in middle depth
  15. moderate pulse is a sign of
    • health
    • pulse of stomach qi
  16. moderate pulse is often seen in _ patterns
    • damp
    • damp is sticky and heavy,blocking qi and blood causing pulse to arrive slowly and moderately
  17. rough pulse (choppy) arrives _
    roughly, slowly, and stagnating, like knife scraping bamboo

    opposite of slippery pulse

    • arrives slow, fine, short, and uneven.
    • arrives slowly and with difficulty
  18. rough (choppy) pulse may appear
    as if it were stopping , but not actually stopping

    may appear to speed up and slow down without missing beats
  19. rough (choppy) pulse vacuity
    blood vacuity so blood flow in vessels is rough and stagnant
  20. rough (choppy) pulse repletion
    • qi and blood stagnation
    • phlegm obstruction
    • food stagnation
  21. rough (choppy) pulse could mean _ circulation
    • impaired
    • blocked by evil qi blocking and stagnating in vessels
  22. vacuous pulse (empty, deficient) feels
    • large but forceless, felt with light pressure
    • empty and vacuous on heavier pressure
  23. vacuous pulse is the opposite of a _ pulse
  24. vacuous pulse is the _
    dual vacuity of qi and blood
  25. faint pulse feels
    • extremely fine and slack (felt soft)
    • indistinct
    • weak
    • sometimes it can be felt, sometimes not
  26. faint pulse indicates
    • severe vacuity of qi and blood
    • yang xu
    • yang collapse
    • severe deficiency
    • extremely thin/hard to find
  27. weak pulse(frail) feels
    • deep
    • fine and small without strength
    • felt ONLY at deep level (yang xu)
  28. weak pulse indicates
    • dual vacuity of qi and blood
    • qi xu : forceless
    • blood xu: fine
    • yang vacuity (st/sp vacuity cold, sp not engendering, transforming qi, blood)
  29. replete pulse (full, excess) feels
    • forceful
    • hard
    • long
    • forceful as it rises and falls
    • felt at all 3 levels
  30. replete pulse could be
    • right and evil qi fighting (both are strong)
    • a general term for all forceful pulses
    • repletion heat or cold
    • phlegm or food retention
  31. tight pulse (tense) feels
    tight and forceful like a tightly twisted rope, unevenly stretched, bouncing from side to side (right and left)

    vibrating and urgent, strikes tightly, and snaps
  32. tight pulse governs
    cold patterns (can be floating or deep)
  33. tight is image of
    • contraction
    • cold patterns, pain patterns, food stagnation

    always considered repletion
  34. surging pulse (flooding) arrives
    large and strong, floating, and departs debilitated
  35. surging pulse feelslike
    roaring wave which hits rocks and fades away
  36. surging pulse is the opposite of a _ pulse
  37. surging pulse indicates
    repletion heat : surging and forceful

    • yang ming (disorders with 4 bigs) qi aspect
    • -fever, sweat, thirst

    natural pulse during summer
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