Superficial Muscles

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  1. A.Elevates the mandile
    O. zygomatic arch
    I.mandible at ramus and angle
  2. both muscles flux neck
    One side alone turns head to opposite side
    I. Mastoid process of temporal bone
    O. Mamubrium, clavicle
  3. extends, adducts, rotates humorus medially draws humerus inferior and posterior
    I. Humerus
    O.spine, scapula, crests of sacrum and illium inf 4 ribs
    Latissimus dorsi
  4. rotates and abducts scapula
    elevates ribs when scapula fixed
    I. ventromedial of scap
    serratus anterior
  5. Both sides compress abdomen flex vert colum one side alone bends vertebral colum to that side
    external abdominal oblique
  6. flexes vertebral column
    compresses abdomen
    stabilze pevis during walking
    rectus abdominis (Mike the Sitution)
  7. flexes, abducts and medially rotates femur
    I tibia via the illiotibial band
    O. Illiac crest
    tensor fasciae latae
  8. flexes leg; thigh and rotates it laterally crossing the leg
    inserts in medial tuberosity and originates at the anterior superior illiac spine
  9. adducts and medially rotates tibia, flexes leg. Inserts at medial tibia and originates at pubis
  10. Extends leg
    I. tibial tuberosity
    O. posterolateral femur
    Vastus lateralis
  11. Extends leg
    I. tibial tuberosity
    O. linea aspects of femur
    Vastus Medialis
  12. extends leg and flexes hip
    I. tibial tubersity
    O. anterior inferior illiac spine
    Rectus femoris
  13. flex, adduct, medially rotate humerus
    I. humerus
    O. clavicle, sternum, cartilages of ribs 1-6
    Pectoralis Major
  14. flexes, supinates forearm, abducts arm
    I. radius
    O. by two heads from scapula
    Biceps Brachii
  15. dorsiflexes and inverts foot
    I.1st metatarsal, medial cuniform
    O. lateral tibia
    Tibialis anterior
  16. elevates clavicle, adducts, rotates, depresses, elevates scapula, laterally flexes (one) and extends neck(both)
    O. occiput, spines of vertebrae c7-t12
  17. abducts, flexes or extends, and medially or laterally rotates humerus, depending upon which fibers are contracting
    O. clavicle, acromion and spine of scapula
  18. extends forearm, adducts arm one head from the scapula, by two heads from humerus
    triceps brachii
  19. extends, abducts, and rotates femur laterally
    O. Illium, sacrum, coccyx
    Gluteus Maximus
  20. abducts and rotates femur medially
    I. greater trochanter of femur
    O. illium
    Gluteus medius
  21. flexes leg, extends and laterally rotates thigh
    I. head of fibula one head from ishial tuberosity
    by one head from femur
    Biceps femoris
  22. flexes leg, extends thigh and medially rotates
    I. proximal medial tibial shaft
    O. icshial tuberosity
  23. flexes leg, extends tigh and medially rotates
    I.medial condyle of tibia
    O. Ischial tuberosity
  24. plantar flexes foot, flexes leg
    I. calcaneous via achilles tendon
    O. medial and lateral epicondyles of femur
  25. Elevates and retracts mandible
    I. Mandible
    O. temporal and frontal bones
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