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  1. Comma Splices
    Two sentences joined together improperly with a comma
  2. Run-ons
    Two sentences ran together.
  3. Fragments
    Wanna be sentences
  4. Purpose
    Reason for writing
  5. Audience
    The readers
  6. Transitions
    Helps the reader move smoothly from one paragraph to another
  7. Conclusion
    The closing of an essay. no new material
  8. Body Paragraphs
    The middle paragraphs of an essay; it developes a main idea
  9. Introduction
    To make the reader want to read your paper
  10. Outline
    Thesis + topic sentences and notes
  11. Topic Sentence
    The main idea of the paragraph
  12. Parallelism
    Making items in a list .
  13. Thesis Statement
    The last sentence in the intro.
  14. Clustering
    boost your creativity by stimulating
  15. Brainstorming
    A listing technique
  16. Free-Writing
    A non-stop writing topic for a set period of time.
  17. Pre-Writing
    A range of activities from casual thinking about your topic. # getting your thoughts on paper.
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