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  1. A computer ********** unit houses the main circuit board, microprocessor, storage devices and network card.
  2. Personal computers are available in a variety of ***** factors, such as tower units, mini cases and all-in-one unit.
  3. the Ipad is an example of a classification of portable computers called *****
    tablets, tablets computers, slate tablet
  4. Small ******* computers are tipically middle-of-the-line models that are not loaded with memory, fancy graphics cards, or audio system.
  5. There are three personal computer*****: PCs. Macs, and Linux
  6. A personal computer with an Intel Core i7 microprocessor is likely to operate at a speed of 1.86 *****
    gigahertz /GHz
  7. A(n) ******* side bus is circuitry that transports data to and from the processor.
  8. 4008, 8080, Athlon, and Pentium are all types of ******
    microprocessors, processors, chips, CPU
  9. DDR2, virtual and volatile are terms that apply to ******
    RAM, random access memory
  10. The instruction for loading the operating system into RAM when a computer is first turned on are stores in *****(hint: use the acronym)
  11. Access ****** is typically faster than random-access devices than for sequential-access devices.
  12. A magnetic sotrage device uses a read ***** head to magnetize particles that represent data.
  13. A hard disk drive that is rated at a speed of 7200 ****** will give you faster access to your data than a drive rated at 5400. (Hint: use the acronym)
    RPM; rpm
  14. CD-r technology allows you to write dara on a disc and then change the data. true or false?`
  15. A(n) ****** uses the same storage technology as a USB flash drive, but it's not designed to be removed. (Hint: use the Acronym)
    SSD, Solid State Drive
  16. On a multi touch trackpad, you can use various ****** to move the pointer, zoom and scroll.
  17. A widescreen computer display with a 16:9 ******* carries a W designation
    aspect ratio
  18. One type of graphics circuitry, referred to as ***** graphics, is built into computer's system board.
  19. Most ink jet printers use ***** color that requires 4 ink colors (Hint: use the Acronym)
  20. A(n) ****** port provides one of the fastest, simplest ways to connect peripheral devices. (Hint: use the Acronym)
    USB: Universal serial Bus
  21. A power ***** is a sudden increase or spike in eletrical energy, affecting the current that flows to electrical outlets.
  22. A(n) ***** can provide power to keep the computer, network, and Internet connection operating during a power outage. (use the acronym)
    UPS, battery backup
  23. If your computer's built-in fans don't provide an adequate level of cooling, you can place a chill mat. True or False
  24. When using Windows, you can troubleshoot hardware programs by logging into the BSoD.
  25. ******** mode is a stripped down version of Windows that is designated for troubleshooting.
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