Musculoskeletal System

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  1. TRAM
    transverse rectus abdominus muscle
  2. TKR
    total knee replacement
  3. TKA
    total knee arthroplasty
  4. THR
    total hip replacement
  5. THA
    total hip arthroplasty
  6. SD
    shoulder disarticulation
  7. ROM
    range of motion
  8. RF
    rheumatoid factor; radio frequency
  9. RA
    rheumatoid arthritis; right atrium
  10. PCL
    posterior cruciate ligament
  11. P
    phosphorus; pulse
  12. ORTH, ortho
  13. NSAIDS
    nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drugs
  14. MS
    • musculoskeletal
    • multiple sclerosis
    • mental status
    • mitral stenosis
  15. MRI
    magnetic resonance imaging
  16. MG
    myasthenia gravis
  17. LS
    lumbosacral spine
  18. L1, L2, and so on...
    first lumbar vertebra, second lumbar vertebra, and so on
  19. KD
    knee disarticulation
  20. IV
  21. IM
    intramuscular; infectious mononucleosis
  22. IS
    intracostal space
  23. HP
  24. HNP
    herniated nucleus pulposus (herniated disk)
  25. HD
    • hemodialysis
    • hip disarticulation
    • hearing distance
  26. MG
    myasthenia gravis
  27. Fx
  28. EMG
  29. DJD
    degenerative joint disease
  30. DEXA, DXA
    dual energy x-ray absorptiometry
  31. CT
    computed tomography
  32. CTS
    carpal tunnel syndrome
  33. CDH
    congenital dislocation of the hip
  34. Ca
    • calcium
    • cancer
  35. C1, C2, and so on...
    first cervical vertebra, second cervical vertebra, and so on
  36. BK
    below the knee
  37. BE
    barium enema; below the elbow
  38. AK
    above the knee
  39. AE
    above the elbow
  40. ACL
    anterior cruciate ligament
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