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  1. wrok
    when a force causes an object to move in the same direction that a force is applied
  2. power
    is how quickly work is done
  3. input force
    the force you apply on a machine
  4. output force
    the force that the machine applies
  5. mechanical advantage
    how much larger the output force is compared to the input force is the
  6. efficiency
    ratio of the output work to the input work
  7. simple machine
    is a machine that does work with only one movement
  8. compound machine
    a machine made up of a combination of simple machines is called
  9. inclined plain
    is a flat, sloped surface.
  10. screw
    is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder or post
  11. wedge
    an incline plane that moves is called a
  12. lever
    is any rigid rod or plank that pivots, or rotates, about a point
  13. wheel and axle
    consists of two circular objects of different sizes that are attached in such a way that they rotate togerher
  14. pully
    consists of a grooved wheel with a rope or cable wrapped over it
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