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  1. direct investments
    require major capital commitment
  2. market-entry
    involve sale of goods/services
  3. international organizational model
    designed to help companies exploit their existing core capabilities to expand into foreign markets
  4. multinational organization model
    uses subsidiaries in each country in which the company does business
  5. global sourcing
    purchasing goods or services around the world for local use
  6. exporting
    selling locally made products in foreign countries
  7. importing
    buying foreign made products and selling them in domestic markets
  8. licensing
    foreign firm pays fee for rights to make or sell another company's products in a specific region
  9. franchising
    buys the right to use another's name in home country (i.e McDonalds)
  10. joint ventures
    operates in a foreign country through co-ownership by foreign and local partners
  11. reasons for engaging in international business
    profits, new market, raw materials, financial capital, lower labor cost
  12. globalization
    the process of growing interdependence among elements of the global economy
  13. global management
    used to describe management in business and organizations with interests in more than one country
  14. global manager
    culturally aware and informed on international affairs
  15. international business
    conducts for-profit transactions of goods/services across national boundaries
  16. insourcing
    used to describe job creation that results from foreign direct investment
  17. foreign subsidiary
    local operation completely owned and controlled by a foreign firm
  18. types of Market-Entry strategies
    importing/exporting, global sourcing, licensing/franchising
  19. types of Direct Investment strategies
    foreign subsidiaries and joint ventures
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