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  1. The lifelong process through which people are prepared to participate in society
  2. These people believe that social behavior is determined by inborn genetic traits, which influence human behavior in much the same way that animals are influenced by their genetic inheritance

    They think homosexuality is genetically determined, although temporary homosexual behavior may be environmental
  3. The social process that occurs within and among individuals as a result of the Internalization of meanings and the use of language
    Symbolic interaction
  4. The process of figuring out how others think an dpeceive us.

    According to Mead, children take the role of only one pother person at a time first.
    Role taking
  5. Cooley-- A process occurring in social interaction. 3 components:
    1. How we think our behavior appears to others
    2. How we think others judge our behavior
    3. How we feel about their judgements

    Used to describe how people learn baout themselves; he argued that our identities are heavily influened by our perceptions of how others view us. We see ourselves not as we are, and not as others see us, but as we think others see us.
    Looking-glass self
  6. He was interested in the process of interaction once a self has been developed

    Presentation of self
    Erving Goffman
  7. Disclaiming a role even while we are acting in that role

    I usually don't drink but this lunch is so good disclaims the role of a drinker
  8. Families, schools, peer groups, and the mass media are examples of what?
    Agencies of socialization
  9. Men are expected to be instumental, active and taks-oriented

    Woman are expected to be expressive, nurturing, and people-oriented
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