Skeletal System Terminology

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  1. Articulating surfaces
    • includes condyle
    • facet
    • head
    • trochlea
  2. Condyle
    large, smooth, rounded articulating oval surface
  3. Facet
    small, flat, shallow articulating surface
  4. Head
    prominent, rounded epiphysis (round end)
  5. Trochlea
    smooth, grooved, pulley-like articular surface
  6. Depressions
    • includes alveolus
    • fossa
    • sulcus
  7. Alveolus
    deep pit or socket in the maxillae or mandible
  8. Fossa
    flattened or shallow depression
  9. Sulcus
    narrow groove
  10. Projections for tendon and ligament attachment
    • includes crest
    • epicondyle
    • line
    • process
    • ramus
    • spine
    • trochanter
    • tubercle
    • tuberosity
  11. Crest
    narrow, prominent ridge-like projection (sticks up, like hip)
  12. Epicondyle
    • projection adjacent/around a condyle
    • (epi = above or around)
  13. Line
    low ridge
  14. Process
    any marked bony prominence
  15. Ramus
    angular extension of a bone relative to the rest of the structure
  16. Spine
    pointed, slender process
  17. Trochanter
    massive, rough projection found only on the femur
  18. Tubercle
    small, round projection
  19. Tuberosity
    large, rough surface
  20. Openings and spaces
    • include canal
    • foramen
    • fissure
    • sinus/antrum
  21. Canal (meatus)
    passageway through a bone
  22. Foramen
    rounded passageway through a bone
  23. Fissure
    narrow, slit-like opening through a bone
  24. Sinus/antrum
    cavity or hollow space in a bone
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