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  1. Three risk factors for TB?
    • DM
    • Silicosis
    • Immunosuppression
  2. What is the cord factor of TB?
    • Virulence factor
    • ** Mycoside: 2 MAs + 1 disaccharide
  3. T/F M. tb has no glyococalyx or toxins
    T, just pure number and inhibition of immune system
  4. 5 risk factors for infection from M. tuberculosis?
    • Contact
    • Long-term care facility
    • low income
    • alcohol consumption
    • malnutrition
  5. What are the three outcomes of M. tuberculosis infection?
    • 1) clearance
    • 2) Granuloma formation to wall off bacteria
    • 3) no granuloma = hematogenous miliary TB
  6. What type of pathogen is M. tuberculosis?
    Facultative intracellular pathogen
  7. What type of necrosis is caused from M. tuberculosis infection?
  8. How many weeks does a TB infection need to be present to activate a skin test?
    2-6 wks
  9. What type of lung environment is best for latent TB infections?
    • low pH
    • low O2
  10. What is the most important cause of secondary TB?
  11. What is miliary TB?
    The caseous necrosis w/i granuloma not contained and the lesion is lysed so spread occurs
  12. What is Potts disease?
    MTB in vertebral bodies
  13. Four components of TB ID?
    • skin test
    • medical history
    • X-ray
    • Bacterial ID
  14. What type of hypersensitivity rxn is the skin test?
    Type IV, CMI activation
  15. T/F the skin test can activate primary TB
    F, just secondary (latent)
  16. T/F the + skin test implies active immunity and disease
    F, does not imply active infection or immunity
  17. What is the stain for AF bacteria like M. tuberculosis?
    • Ziehl-Neelsen
    • Turant Fluorescent (preferred by labs)
  18. What is the BACTEC system and its four related antibiotics?
    • Bacterial ID test in 6-10 days
    • RISE: rifampin, isoniazind, streptomycin, ethambutol
  19. What is the best way to manage treatment of TB?
    DOT: Direct Observation of Treatment
  20. What drug is commonly used in single drug therapy of TB?
  21. What are the first line drugs (RISE-P-?
    • Rifampin
    • Isoniazid
    • Streptomycin
    • Ethambutol
    • Pyrazinamide
  22. What is the common vaccine for TB?
    BCG (can cause False positive)
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