Music History Midterm--Study Questions

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  1. What new developments in science, politics, and economics arose during the seventeenth century? How did they influence music?
  2. Discuss the career and works of Monteverdi, paying special attention to his innovations and
    contributions to the development of opera.
  3. Compare and contrast the cantata, oratorio, and sacred concerto of the mid-seventeenth century, providing examples from your listening examples.
  4. Discuss the ways in which the central monarchy of Louis XIV influenced musical developments in France.
  5. Compare the career and works of Lully and Purcell. In what ways did their circumstances dictate their compositional output?
  6. Discuss the ways in which French and English styles differed from the mainstream Italian-based style of the late seventeenth century.
  7. Describe the genres and styles of Italian secular vocal chamber music in the early and mid seventeenth century.
  8. How was sacred music affected by the new developments in secular music in the seventeenth century? What new genres and styles of sacred music emerged during this time?
  9. What types of instrumental music were practiced in the seventeenth century? In what ways did instrumental composers borrow ideas or techniques from vocal music?
  10. What is a dance suite? Name the dances that are typically found in a suite, taking the suite we studied as your model.
  11. Trace the development of opera in France during the seventeenth century. Explain what distinguishes it from Italian opera, and describe the importance of dance in French opera.
  12. Describe and chart da capo aria form.
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