Three Centuries of Irish Immigration to the United States

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Three Centuries of Irish Immigration to the United States
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  1. The Irish immigrants who came in the middle of the 19th century
    made the biggest impact on America's society
  2. Irish immigration can be divided into 4 eras
    • pre-1840s
    • late 1840s to early 1850s
    • 1850s through 1880s
    • 1970s through 1980s
  3. Similarities of all waves:
    • All came for economic reasons - to escape poverty
    • All were "ardent institution builders" in America
    • Transformed American Catholic Churches into an Irish institution
    • Permanent immigration
  4. Irish immigrants weren't always Catholic. First immigrants were
  5. Irish Revolution displaced traditional Catholic majority and minor Presbyterians. Catholic landowners lost ____, _____ became poor and they wanted to move out.
    Land, Irish
  6. Economic change from ____ economy to commercial agriculture contributed to flow out of Ireland.
    Primitive woodland
  7. Irish ___ outnumbered ___
    Men, Women
  8. Irish settled more in ____ areas but some did settle in the _____.
    Urban, countryside
  9. Famine exodus : anyone who could afford to get out just left. There was no _____: where to go, when to go, who should go
  10. Uniqueness of famine emigration
    • Winter migration
    • Equally divided between all ages and both genders
  11. Irish Immigrants of Potato Famine
    • Needed more assistance
    • More dependent
    • Felt trapped
    • Settled mostly in New York, Boston and Philadelphia
  12. Sterotypes:
    • Drunken
    • Primitive
    • Stupid
  13. Irish success in politics angered Americans
    • Democratic party
    • Zealous
    • Superb timing - when cities began to take on more functions
  14. Postfamine-Migration: 1850-1920
    More female
  15. Irish women worked as ____
    Domestic servants