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  1. Why has the human population exploded?
    Due to our ability to expand into diverse habitats, the emergence of agriculture, and because the sanitation systems and control of infectious diseases has decreased death rates.
  2. Where is there most growth?
    In developing countires.
  3. True/False: Our growth rate is increasing.
    False. It is slowing, but still exponential.
  4. How many people are there on earth.
    7 billion.
  5. What is the total fertility rate?
    The average number of children born to women.
  6. True/False: The U.S population is growing faster than other developed countries.
  7. What two factors affect death rates.
    Life expectancy and the infant mortality rate.
  8. What is the infant mortality rate a barometer of?
    Quality of life.
  9. True/False: If there are many older people, population will grow rapidly.
    False. It will decline. Population grows rapidly when there are many young people.
  10. True/False: In developing countries, <30% of the population is under 15.
    False. Less than 30% is under 15.
  11. What declines occur in aging populations?
    Total feritlity rate goes below 1.5, there are labor shortages, a strain on public services, and fewer taxpayers.
  12. What effects can family planning produce?
    Family planning can reduce poverty, and raise women's social and economic statuses.
  13. What factors lead to women tending to have fewer children.
    An education, control of their family, a paying job, and not having their rights surpressed.
  14. True/False: Women have very little responsibility.
    False. Women do almost all domestic housework and childcare, 60-80% of agriculture, wood gathering, and water hauling, and globally, do 2/3 of the work for 10% of the income.
  15. True/False: Better conditions for women leads to better environmental conditions.
    True. Poor conditions lead to environmental degradation.
  16. Why is there slowing growth in china?
    There is strict family planning, a gender imbalance (sons preferred), a rapidly aging population, rapidly growing economy, and an increase in resource consumption and waste.
  17. What is the most populous country?
  18. Why is there slowing growth in India?
    A growing population has lead to pverty, malnutrition, environmental degradation, and resource competition among a growing middle class.
  19. Why are most cities unsustainable?
    Because of high levels of resource use, waste, pollution, and poverty.
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