bolognese artists

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  1. Domenichino, Last Communion of St. Jerome, 1611-14, Rome, pinacoteca Vaticana
  2. Agostino Carracci, Last communion of St. Jerome, 1594, Bologna, Pinacoteca Nazionale
  3. Domenichino, S. Cecilia, 1617, Paris, Louvre
  4. Domenichino, The Hunt of Diana, 1617, Rome, Galleria Gorghese
  5. Guido Reni, Massacre of the Innocents, 1611-1612, Bologna, Pinacoteca nazionale
  6. Guido Reni, Atalanta and Hippomenes, 1618, Madid, The Prado Museum
  7. Sant'Andrea della Valle, Rome, Domenichino did the apse during 1623-1628
  8. Sant'Andrea della Valle Rome
    • Sain'Andrea della Valle, Rome
    • Lanfranco- dome-1625
    • Domenichino- apse and pendentaive 1628
  9. Dimenichino, pendentive , Justice and Charity, 1630, Rome, S. Carlo ai Catinari
  10. Francesco Barbier "Il guercino", Samson seized by philistines, 1619, New york, Met
  11. Domenichino, Portrait of Giambiattista Agucchi, 1620, New York, York city art gallery
  12. Guercino, Aurora, Day, night, allegory, of fame, 1621, Villa Ludovisi, Rome

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bolognese artists
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