Undocumented Immigrants from Mexico and Central America

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  1. Immigration = key symbol in American culture
    • Raises emotions
    • Love-hate relationship
    • Anti-immigrant sentiments
  2. America let immigrants in after
    gaining independence
    1800s = massive immigration from European countries, China and Japan
  3. Immigration today
    • No longer predominantly Europeans
    • Asians & Latin Americans = 80% of illegal immigration
  4. 1986 immigration law
    Punished employers with fines and jail terms for illegal immigrant workers
  5. Native people crossed borders as illegal aliens
    • Americans - crossed into Spanish, Mexican territory
    • Sanchez - alarmed at influx of Anglo- Americans
  6. Affect of immigration on
    citizen workers
    • Immigration results in positive economic outcomes
    • Job growth - natives earned slightly less, but many had jobs
    • Areas of immigration = economically better
  7. Proposition 187
    • Make life difficult for immigrants
    • Make them return
  8. Why Mexicans and Central Americans come to the United States
    • Mexicans - migrated to Mexican territories - long history of migration
    • Central Americans - large numbers in late 1970s and early 1980s
  9. Roots of Mexican Immigration
    • Railroads connected Mexico to U.S / European markets
    • Rural labor force - cheap means of transportation
  10. Growing demand for labor in America - migration of Mexicans
    • Early 20th century - New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma
    • California - working on deserts
    • Large-scale constructions in L.A, San Diego, San Francisco and Denver
  11. Mexicans = preferred labor
    • Culture was not so different from American culture
    • U.S employers already had experience with Mexican workers
    • Mexicans - long history in area : not new or exotic
    • Characterized as indolent, passive, noncompetitive, inferior, lacked ambition
    • People who would not become competitors
    • Considered temporary immigrants
  12. Great Depression 1930s
    • Immigration stopped
    • Mexicans returned home
    • Anti-immigrant sentiments = especially anti-Mexican sentiments
    • Hoover blamed depression on Mexican immigrants
    • Immigration and Naturalization Service - repatriated Mexicans back to Mexico
  13. 1940s - new recruitment for
    • WWII - men and women in military force
    • Labor need
    • 1942 - bracero program - ready source of cheap labor
  14. Migration as part of family history
    • People who came during seasons - with Bracero program
    • Bracero program ended in 1964
    • Need for labor & Bracero program = opportunities
    • Help support family
    • Older family members migration - link that facilitated other migrations
  15. Target earners
    • Earn money for targeted purpose
    • Certain sum, return home
    • Common among young unmarried men and women
    • Sending a family member = strategy to find many sources of income
  16. The Immigrant's Dream
    • Similar to the "American Dream"
    • View the U.S as the land of opportunity
  17. ________ led Central Americans to America
    Violence / threat of violence
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