Dominicans in the United States

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  1. ____ of the Latin American and Caribbean immigrant communities by 1990
    4th largest
  2. Substantial number of illegal
    immigrants -
    came on tourist visas and stayed
  3. Concentrated in ____ area
    New York / New Jersey
  4. Migrants from late 1960s and 1970s
    urban, youthful, skilled and educated
  5. 1980s - inflation, declining wages, weakening of peso
    This made the "emigration option" more attractive
  6. Settlement: New York City, Jobs, and Family
    • Women - manufacturing sectors
    • Men - manufacturing and service - hotels, restaurants, hospitalsIncome ranked bottom of even other immigrant groups
    • High rate of single-parent households
    • Racial discrimination
  7. Low occupational attainment:
    lower levels of education
  8. Family disorganization -
    high rates of marital disruption
  9. Gender
    • Gender discrimination burdens women
    • Rewarded even less
    • Less likely to find employment
    • Increased personal autonomy and authority as result of emigration
    • More access to opportunities
  10. Newfound autonomy found by women
    Make them want to stay
  11. Success of emigrants become ____, misfortunes are _____
    mythologized, minimized
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