Nursing of Adults

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  1. Cystoscopy (4)
    1.used to remove bladdler tumors or enlarged prostate

    2.general or local anesthesia

    3.PT NPO after midnight preop

    4.bowel prep evening preop
  2. Acute pyelonephritis location
    upper UTI
  3. Expected urine characteristics of urine from Cystitis

    2.foul smelling

    3.blood tinged
  4. Catheter care (2)
    1.unless told so, it is OK to shower with your catheter and urine collection bag

    2.clean area around catheter twice daily using soap and water
  5. Drug treatment used for BPH (2)
    • 1.finasteride
    • 2.dutasteride
  6. Transurethral needle ablation (TUNA)
    low radiofrequency energy shrinks the prostate
  7. Transurethral microwave therapy (TRUMPT)
    high temp heat destroys excess tissue
  8. Interstitial laser coagulation (ILC)
    laser energy coagulates excess tissue
  9. Electrovaporization
    high frequency electrical current cuts and vaporizes excess tissue
  10. Normal blood level of PSA in men
    less than 4ng/ml
  11. Total vaginal hysterectomy
    removal of the uterus, cervix, and sometimes in pieces, the vagina
  12. Assessment postop for TAH
    should be less than one saturated perineal pad in 4 hours
  13. PT teaching for Vaginal Hysterectomy (4)
    1.avoid strenuous activity for 6 weeks not drive for 4 weeks sex for 4-6 weeks

    4.record temp twice daily for 2 weeks
  14. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding caterogized by:
    more than 80ml per cycle
  15. drug therapy management for DUB
    estrogen 25mg q4-6 hrs IV until bleeding stops or 24hrs
  16. protrusion of the bladder through the vaginal wall
  17. feeling as if something is "falling out"
  18. lab studies elevated during liver failure



    Alkaline phosphatase
  19. four complications of hepatic dysfunction
    hypertension, esophageal varices, ascites, hepatic encephalopathy
  20. describe bilirubin levels of a client with jaundice
    decreased ability to conjugate and excrete bilirubin.
  21. describe patho of portal hypertension
    compression and destruction of the portal and hepatic veins and sinusoids causing obstruction of normal blood flow through the portal system resulting in portal hypertension
  22. list teaching measures for home care of PT with ascites
    proper diet, rest and avoidance of hepatotoxic OTC drugs such as acetaminophen, and abstinence of alcohol.
  23. type of diet for a PT with hepatic failure flow
    • high in calories and protein
    • low in fat and sodium
  24. symptoms and determining factors of encephalopathy
    neurologic and mental responsiveness lacking

    motor function involving tremors called Asterixis
  25. meds regarding encephalopathy
    Lactulose, FLagyl, Vanc, and rifaximin

    cathartics and enemas for constipation
  26. interventions for a PT who is bleeding or has a tendency to bleed easily
    avoid aspirin, alcohol, irritating foods.
  27. functional clinical manifestations of a compensated liver
    abdominal pain, ankle edema, continuous mild fever, spiders & palmar erythema
  28. functional clinical manifestations of a decompensated liver
    splenomegaly, jaundice, clubbing of fingers, firm, enlarged abdomen, prpura, spontaneous bleeding, gonadal atrophy
  29. two main drugs used for liver transplant

  30. mode of transmission for HAV
    fecal oral
  31. mode of transmission for HBV
    parenteral, sexual and prenatal
  32. mode of transmission for HCV
    Parenteral, sexual and prenatal
  33. mode of transmission for HEV
    fecal oral
  34. mode of transmission for HDV
    parenteral, sexual contact
  35. these hepatitis are acute only
  36. these hepatits are both acute and chronic
  37. hepatits viruses with immunizations available
  38. main cause of pancreatits 1 male, 1 female
    • M alcoholism
    • F biliary tract disease
  39. how do amylase and lipase react to acute pancreatitis
    serum amylase and serum lipase elevate
  40. mineral lost with acute pancreatitis
    calcium is lost
  41. nutritional teaching strategies for PT with pancreatitis
    • small frequent meals
    • high carbs
    • low fat
    • avoid alcohol, caffeine, smoking
  42. Na
  43. K
  44. Cl
  45. Ca
  46. Mg
  47. Phos
  48. HGB
  49. HCT
  50. RBC
  51. WBC
  52. Platelets
  53. BUN
  54. Creat
  55. Glucose
  56. Protein
  57. Albumin
  58. When is Leukorrhea considered normal
    during pregnancy
  59. most frequent cause of anemia
    GI bleeding
  60. PT teaching for Upper GI radiographic series preop (3)
    NPO 8 h before surgery

    drink 16 oz barium

    stools may be chalky white 24-72 hrs afterwards
  61. PT teaching pre Esophagogastroduodenoscopy regarding diet
    NPO 6-8 hrs
  62. PT teaching pre colonoscopy regarding diet
    clear liquid 12-24 hr, NPO 6-8 hrs pre op
  63. common PPI's
    prilosec, prevacid, aciphex, protonix, nexium
  64. common H2
    zantac, pepcid, axid
  65. common prostaglandin analogue
  66. how does metabolic alkalosis occur
    an obstruction high in the small intestine, loss of gastric hydrochloride
  67. postop diet teaching for a PT treated for esophageal diverticulitis
    NPO for several days, NGT
  68. What is done with a PT with esophageal bleeding?
  69. Preop care and teaching of a PT with Hernia
    overweight=lose weight

    quit smoking

    teach about NGT (several days postop)

    Incentive spirometer

    pain post op
  70. diet in post op laproscopic nissen fundoplication
    near normal diet 4-6 weeks

    no caffeine, carbonation, or alcohol

    smaller portion sizes
  71. what foods are prohibited with an stomy
    generally no foods
  72. voids to be expected with chronic cholecystitis
    clay colored stool

    dark urine
  73. post op teaching for a PT with cholecystectomy
    PT discharged in a day

    normal activities in a week
  74. lab expectations in a PT with pancreatitis
    increased: amylase, lipase, glucose

    decreased: calcium
  75. pre op care for a PT going through whipple surgery
    catheter into jejunum


    NPO 6-8 hrs pre procedure
  76. post op care for PT through whipple surgery

    NGT with serosanguineous bile tinged drainage

    PT in Semi fowlers
  77. normal IOP
    10-21 mmHg
  78. excess of endolympphatic fluid
    meniere's disease
  79. Use, given with, teaching:

    Septra, Bactrum
    decreases inflammation, improves tissue perfusion, reduce bacteria

    full glass of water
  80. Use, given with, teaching:

    increases pH of gastric contents

    full glass of water

    2 hrs after meal and bedtime
  81. Use, given with, teaching:

    decrease pain, inflammation, fever

    take with food or milk
  82. Use, given with, teaching:

    decrease gastric acid secretions

    single dose at bedtime

    dose doubled if missing one
  83. Use, given with, teaching:

    heals ulcer

    1 hr before 2 hrs after meals and bedtime

    on empty stomach

    no longer than 8 weeks
  84. Use, given with, teaching:

    opthalic ointment
    after eye surgery

    two eyes, two bottles

    keep eye closed one minute after admin
  85. Use, given with, teaching:

    Nicotinic acid
    treats menier's disease

    give with meals or milk

    side effects should discontinue after two weeks

    REPORT clay stools, jaundiced skin, dark urine
  86. Use, given with, teaching:

    no more than 4000 mg daily
  87. Use, given with, teaching:

    give in morning with food or milk
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