Asia part 4

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  1. What peninsula became independent in 1957-58?
    the Malaya Peninsula
  2. who was Bereney controlled by?
    a sultan
  3. what 2 areas are on the island of Barneyo?
    Sabah and Sarawak
  4. why did an indonesian man want the land on Barneyo?
    because of the oil on the island
  5. Britain said that Singapore could be independent if they did what?
    if they joined up with an already successful country
  6. When Singapore joined the the other Malaysian countries they became the what?
    the federation of Malaya
  7. when did Singapore gain independence?
  8. What was the divesity problem with the federation of Malaya?
    half Chinese and half Malaysians with a few Indonesian
  9. Why were the Chinese in the federation of Malaya upset?
    because they didn't want the Malaysians to be leaders over them
  10. When does Singapore leave the federation of Malaya?
  11. When Singapore and Malaysia seperated what did they do for each other?
    they signed a treaty
  12. what did the treaty that Singapore and Malaysia protect Singapore from?
  13. where does Singapore get a lot of its resources from?
  14. what are some evidences that Singapore has a lot of brain power?
    • #1 in biotechnology
    • big with the stockmarket
    • luxury airlines
  15. What geographical feature is New Zealand right on top of?
    a major plate boundary
  16. because New Zealand is right on top of a plate boundary what do they have a lot of? (3)
    • mountains
    • vocanoes
    • earthquakes
  17. how many people live in New Zealand?
    4 1/2 million
  18. What are the tribal people of New Zealand called?
  19. What is characteristic of Maoria?
    tattoed bodies
  20. how much of Australia is desert?
  21. what kind of weather does Australia have?
    great weather!
  22. is Australia mostly flat or mostly mountainous?
    mostly flat
  23. How much of Australia is outback?
  24. What US states are the outback comparable to?
    • arizona
    • new mexico
  25. what do they raise in the outback?
  26. how big can the ranches get in the outback?
    100 miles
  27. How do you get around a ranch in the outback?
    a helicopter
  28. where is there a little bit of forest in Australia?
    • along the dividing range
    • cape york peninsula
  29. how much of the land in Australia is good for agriculture?
    6% for wheat and corn
  30. where do they raise sheep in Australia?
    the southwest
  31. what is the name for a wild dog in Australia?
    a dingo
  32. what is the Northern Hemisphere also called?
    the land hemisphere
  33. Why is Alice Springs even on the map?
    cause it's close to Aryes Rock
  34. What is the size of Australia comparable to?
  35. how far can the railroad track go in Australia without a curve?
    800 miles
  36. From where to wear does the railroad track in Australia go without a curve?
    from Perth to Adelaide
  37. what are the tribal people of Australia called?
  38. What countries didn't keep log books on their ships when they explored?
    the Portugese and the Dutch
  39. Why didn't some crews take long books when they explored?
    because if they got captured the other people would know of their explorations
  40. what Dutch man must have touched on Australia? and why?
    • Tasman
    • we know this because he names Tasmania after himself
  41. What did the Dutch call Australia?
    Australous Incognito
  42. when was there a solar eclipse in Tahiti in the Southern Hemisphere?
  43. How many were in the crew that went down to observe the solar eclipse?
    6 people
  44. When were the crew of 6 going to observe the solar eclipse allowed to open the letter they were given?
    after the solar eclipse
  45. Who did they send to take the group of scientists down to Tahiti?
    Captain Cook
  46. What kind of ship did the British not want for the science trip to Tahiti?
    a clippar ship
  47. What kind of ship did Captain Cook have?
    a coal barge
  48. what features of a coal barge made it perfect for the British exploration job?
    • it had a flat bottom
    • plenty of space for provisions
  49. What did the letter Captain Cook opened after the eclipse have to say?
    that they were to zigzag along the southern Hemisphere until they found Australius Incognitius
  50. What land did Captain Cook hit first on his mission to find Australius Incognitus?
    New Zealand
  51. What people group lived on New Zealand and why were they a threat to the British?
    • the Maori
    • the were canibles
  52. How did the British determine that New Zealand was the size of the British Isles?
    they circumnavigated them
  53. What area of Australia did the British hit when they first found it?
    just south of Sydney
  54. What was the area like just south of Sydney when the British found it?
    it was lush with mountains and lots of vegitation
  55. What large geographical feature did Captain Cook hit when he went North around Australia?
    the Great Barrier Reef
  56. what straights did Captain Cook pass as he went over the top of Australia?
    the Torez straights
  57. Where did Captain Cook stop to rest before he made his way back to Great Britain?
    the capital of Indonesia
  58. who was the kind of England when Captain Cook discovered Australia?
    King George III
  59. Who did they get to fund the ship to take the people to Australia?
    some wealthy people willing to invest
  60. Who did they take to Australia to set up a settlement and occupy the land?
    prisoners and prostitutes
  61. how many people does Australia have?
    20.1 million
  62. What did they call the first settlement on Australia?
    Botaney Bay
  63. the sailors became prison guards while the prisoners and prostitutes became what?
  64. What are the roots of some of the wealthiest families in Australia?
    sailors from the first settlement to Australia
  65. Who decided to try and take on the range and the outback?
    the prisoners and prostitutes
  66. What are most Australians if you trace back their roots?
    immegrants from the gold rush
  67. When was the gold rush in Australia?
    1860's to the 1870's
  68. Who was a missionary to Adelaide during the gold rush in Australia?
    Bishop William Taylor
  69. What were the first 3 Australian cities to be created?
    Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne
  70. Where did the camels in Australia come from?
  71. Who do Australians like to compare themselves to?
    American Westerners
  72. What couple examples show the toughness of Australians?
    • they play Australian rules football
    • surfing
    • can drink a ton
  73. What sport is soccer, football, and rugby combined?
    Australian rules football
  74. What is the cap on beers at an athletic even in Australia?
    24 beers
  75. What are Australia's common exports?
    • cattle and sheep
    • beef and wool
  76. What are the 3 top beef producers in the world?
    • America
    • Argentin
    • Australia
  77. Where are there a lot of natural resources in Australia?
    between Perth and Darwin
  78. whch arichitect from Chicago IL developed the plan for Canberra?
  79. Sydney was cosmopolitan while Melbourne was?
  80. What was Australia's strict immegration policy?
    only whites could come to Australia
  81. why did Australia have a really strict immegration policy?
    they were scared of the Japanese
  82. When did Australia have to losen up their immegration policy?
    after WWII
  83. What was Australia's attempt to eradicate the Aborigenes?
    they brought in American cowboys and payed them to shoot them down like rabbits
  84. How many trips did Captain Cook take to the Pacific?
  85. Where did Captain Cook die?
    In Hawaii
  86. What was another name for the Hawaiian islands?
    the Sandwhich islands
  87. What kind of governmental system does Australia have?
    a federal system
  88. what is the acronym for the culture and economis connection of Australia and New Zealand?
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