Intro to PR

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  1. PR management process
    • 1. defining the problem
    • 2. programming
    • 3. action
    • 4. evaluation
  2. R.A.C.E.
    • Research
    • Action
    • Communication
    • Evaluation
  3. categories of PR tasks
    • 1. advice
    • 2. communication service
    • 3. research/analysis
    • 4. PR action programs
  4. Types of organizational environments
    • PR departments
    • PR agencies
  5. Revenue of worldwide PR industries
    • $5.4 billion
    • $4 billion in the US alone
  6. Reputational management
    the ability to link reputation business goals to increase support and to increase the organization's success
  7. What composes an organization's reputation?
    • 1. rational of product and performance
    • 2. emotional behavior factor
  8. P.E.R.T.
    • 1. program
    • 2. evaluation
    • 3. review
    • 4. techniques

    -first developed in the 1950s by the Navy to help manage complex projects
  9. Gant Chart
    • -developed by Charles Gant in 1917
    • -focuses on the sequence of tasks necessary for completion of a project at hand
  10. What is the practice of PR based on?
    • -always doing the right thing
    • -acting ethically
    • -all about earning credibility
  11. Ethics
    standards of conduct that indicate how one should behave based on moral duties and virtues
  12. Applied ethics
    another name for professional ethics
  13. Two critical components of PR
    • 1. Honesty
    • 2. Fairness
  14. Code of conduct
    a formal statement of the values and business practices of corporations
  15. Corporate social responsibility
    • -idea emerged in the early 1960s
    • -Society of Professional Journalists; Sigma Delta Chi
  16. First Amendment
    • -freedom of speech
    • -cornerstone of journalistic society
  17. Defamation laws
    laws that address libel and slander
  18. Libel
    printed falsehood
  19. Slander
    spoken falsehood
  20. Privacy
    • -protected by law unless dealing with a public figure
    • -actual malice must be proved in slander charges
  21. SEC
    • Securities and Exchange Commission
    • -stems from the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
  22. Malice
    statements have been published with the knowledge that they are false
  23. Material announcement
    • one that might cause an investor to buy, hold, or sell stock
    • -Martha Stewart Case
  24. governs the ethics of lobbyist
    Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act
  25. Copyright law
    • provides basic automatic protection for writers
    • -an original work of authorship has copyright protection
  26. Trademark law
    refers to a word, or a slogan, used along or in combination that identifies a product of its sponsor
  27. Cyber squatting
    • grabbing domain names in bad faith in hopes of tormenting the rightful registrant
    • -ex:
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